Skyrim Is Amazon’s Greatest Game Of This Gen

Between June and August Amazon held a contest for the Greatest Game of the Generation, allowing consumers to vote on a pool of current-gen finalists. The winner? Well it seems the Amazon community voted for Bethesda’s Skyrim as their top pick.

Personally I’ve never got on well with Skyrim. It sits at the bottom of my gaming pile, gathering dust and remaining incomplete. Playing it on the PS3 was a buggy mess which came complete with regular crashes and glitches – this was something I was never going to put up with. So, to me this choice of game of the generation comes as quite a surprise. Then again, I find it really hard to pick an overall winner out from the finalists.


In second place was Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us which fared better in the contest than Uncharted 2. Red Dead Redemption was also regarded highly of in the community, you can read Aran’s Matter of Perspective of the game here.

You can see all the finalists below and how the contest progressed.


Would you have picked Skyrim as your game of the generation? Or do one of the other finalists deserve the accolade?

 Source: Amazon



  1. Some real heavy hitters there. For me, personally, this would be a battle fought between Uncharted 2, MGS4, The Last Of Us, Bioshock, and Mass Effect 2. All sterling games for different reasons.

  2. Last of Us is a better game than Skyrim imo but it’s pretty a good table otherwise.
    Certianly been some belters this gen.

  3. Interesting that four of them are PS3 exclusives (including three of the semi finalists) but none of them Xbox.

    • BioShock and ME2 were once Xbox exclusives. And I see the 3 Sony exclusives, but wheres the 4th? :)

  4. Hmm, in my opinion GTA4 wouldn’t beat BioShock Infinite, nor would Uncharted 2 lose to Skyrim, and TLoU would have then beaten Uncharted 2 in the final.

    Also, I would have said CoD4 would have been beaten the first BioShock, look how big the series has become (depite losing it’s way a bit).

  5. Skyrim better than Galaxahaaaahaaaaaaa. :/

  6. The Last of Us > Bioshock Infinite > Uncharted 2 > Portal 2 > Bioshock > Skyrim for me.

    But there are so many great games, that it can really depend on the mood you’re in when you decide to play a game.

  7. I agree with that, Skyrim is epic. 300+ hours and counting. Once it was patched about 7 times I didn’t have any problems on ps3 version.

  8. Yep, I held off from Skyrim until the bugs had been hammered out and the DLC was available (cheaply!) and I haven’t had any problems with it. Awesome game.

    The game I’ve had most fun with this gen has been Portal (1&2), followed by Bioshock (1&2), Uncharted, Warhawk, Siren & (guilty pleasure) Alone in the Dark: Inferno.

  9. Definitely agree with that. I believe they’ve really pushed the boundary of what can be achieved in gaming. Yeah they had their problems and bugs, but in a 300+ hour (non linear) game, it’s got to be expected.

    The Last of Us is a great game and worthy of runner-up to Skyrim, but I find it difficult to compare the two games. They’re both excellent in their own field of gaming imo.

  10. I’m happy with most of those nominations, all great games in their own right. Hard to choose a winner but when it comes down to it Skyrim has reached a wider audience than TLOU.

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