Skyrim Is Amazon’s Greatest Game Of This Gen

Between June and August Amazon held a contest for the Greatest Game of the Generation, allowing consumers to vote on a pool of current-gen finalists. The winner? Well it seems the Amazon community voted for Bethesda’s Skyrim as their top pick.

Personally I’ve never got on well with Skyrim. It sits at the bottom of my gaming pile, gathering dust and remaining incomplete. Playing it on the PS3 was a buggy mess which came complete with regular crashes and glitches – this was something I was never going to put up with. So, to me this choice of game of the generation comes as quite a surprise. Then again, I find it really hard to pick an overall winner out from the finalists.


In second place was Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us which fared better in the contest than Uncharted 2. Red Dead Redemption was also regarded highly of in the community, you can read Aran’s Matter of Perspective of the game here.

You can see all the finalists below and how the contest progressed.


Would you have picked Skyrim as your game of the generation? Or do one of the other finalists deserve the accolade?

 Source: Amazon



  1. Never tried Skyrim, just because I’m not a massive RPG fan, but there’s some good noms in there. In my opinion Burnout Paradise is a massive omission, thats a bit of a downer, but on the plus side at least it wasn’t an annual franchise game that won!

  2. Heavy Rain.

  3. Its not even a competition, Skyrim, easily defeats all. No other game has pushed the limits of this generation. There are games that have better stories, graphics, and controls, but none create a artificial world that feels as if it wasn’t created for the player to explore, but for the actual residents to live in. Theres so much going on in Skyrim, most of which feels connected to the player. While other games on this list produce a moment of choice to define the story, Skyrim is a game that creates choice that lets the player define the game itself. Its massiveness is a testament, one that all games should attempt to achieve.

    Sadly though while I think Skyrim is this generations best game I feel that ultimately this gen will be remembered for Call of Duty.

  4. X-Com.. nuff said :D

  5. Whilst Skyrim is an excellent game, it is not the greatest game of this gen. There are many titles that can be called that. Skyrim is not one of them due to various flaws. I’m surprised Dark Souls was not in the list. I heavily disagree with Fallout 3 as it’s just an average game. Fallout:NV should have been on there and where the hell is DAO? In fact, where the hell are the other Bioware games? :O

  6. I personally feel that Bioshock should have beaten Skyrim when they went head to head, leading to Uncharted vs Bioshock with the eventual winner The Last of Us but other than that…

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