Sony Could Be Planning A PlayStation 4 & Vita Bundle For $500

Given that the PS Vita will work as a PS4 controller, feature remote play of games anywhere and perhaps many more cross-compatible features with the PS4, a bundle containing the two pieces of hardware seems like a great idea, particularly with the Vita’s lower-than-expected sales.

And it looks like Sony could be preparing just that: according to Inside Gaming Daily via Videogamer, the bundle has been confirmed for release towards the “end of the year” by a “well-placed anonymous source” for “around $500.” That roughly translates to £325, although the $399 price of the console is £349 in the UK, so expect a price nearer £450.

That’s not bad – you can still expect a decently cut price Vita along with your PS4, so if you fancy both systems this Christmas, and this turns out to be real, then it could definitely be worth a purchase.

It’ll be interesting to see what PS4 bundles there are closer to release; it’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant about going forward with my standard £349 pre-order.



  1. Now THAT would be a system(s) seller.

    Kinect vs Vita for $100… gee I wonder who wins that competition :)

    • Yeah, considering its the same price in the US, $499 for Xbox One and Kinect, or Playstation 4 and Vita. If they did the same here (so £429 for either) that could be interesting.

  2. Ideal. I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking of picking up a vita on the ps4s launch. I’ve already got a great selection of games from plus that I’m looking forward to ploughing through in my lunch hour.

  3. I’d rather have game bundles instead. Plus the vita isn’t as comfortable as a dual shock, I really don’t want to hold one for long periods of time. If Sony wants to incorporate the vita into the PS4 core experience I’d rather wait and buy a vita 2.0 instead of the old launch model.

    • The vita isn’t ment to replace the dualshock 4.

      It’s more about the “on the go” features, or the whole wii u gamepad advantages available to your ps4..

      ….. plus I can use it whilst on the toilet, as I already do :D

      • ^^This.

        The vita is a console in and of itself, a truly brilliant piece of hardware with (now) a solid library of games. It’s completely able to stand alone, and for $100 it would be a complete steal. I’m not sure they could even manage that – the loss Sony would take on that hardware sale would be huge.

        Cross play, cross buy and cross save options are excellent, but the pending ability to real time stream full fat PS4 games to your Vita (for play in bed, on the loo, while the missus watches the Bachelorette etc) is outstanding.

        The Vita isn’t terrible for long play sessions, but I do occasionally get sore hands depending on a games controls. My solution was to purchase the following for long plays sessions (ie: 12 hour flights from Australia to the US).

  4. Sold!

  5. Hope this turns out to be real. I’ve been looking at getting a Vita for a while now and this would be a steal for both.

  6. Sad panda. Being I’m from Australia, were paying $550 dollars for the console alone.

    I already own a Vita (love it), I hope they are doing this bundle though. It will move a lot of Vita’s and PlayStation’s

    • Don’t tell the poms that mate, we’re actually getting a better deal than they are. $550 AUD includes GST, and by today’s exchange would be £319. By contrast, the PS4 is £349 RRP in the UK (inc VAT).

      Likewise, the Vita is £229 RRP (though £169 on Amazon UK), which is $395 AUD. We’re getting charged $349 AUD RRP for the same Vita.

      Either way, we’re all getting screwed compared to USD prices!

  7. Where do I fill in my payment details?

  8. I have always said that this the way forward for Vita sales, bundle it with the PS4 as they will really complement eachother.

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