Another “Sony Classic” To Join PlayStation HD Catalogue

Blast Factor dev, Bluepoint Games, has posted a job listing for senior graphics engineer and, in the process, confirmed the existence of another HD re-master coming to PlayStation 3.

The ad, which you can read here, says the following:


We are currently bringing a Sony classic to current game systems as well as teaming our technical expertise with an industry leading developer on a next-gen, blockbuster franchise.

There’s no clue as to what game or franchise will be getting an HD makeover. However, the placement clearly suggests that it will launch on PlayStation 3 and/or Vita.

Bluepoint has already helmed upscaled versions of God of War, God of War II, ICO, and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, all of which both look and play fantastically well on PlayStation 3.



  1. SO far i’ve been really please with everything that Bluepoint have done in relation to the HD remasters/upscales. Hopefully the trend will continue trough to the PS4

  2. Dark cloud 1 & 2 for the vita = winning

  3. I’m currently in the middle of MGS3:Snake Eater, playing on PS Vita the HD Collection version and it’s done fantastic. Graphic, controls, music are great, so as for me I think they can port whatever they want…as long as they make the Ace Combat HD Collection (AC:Distant Thunder, AC:Squadron Leader and AC:The Belkan War in HD would be epic!).

    • You and I are on the same page when it comes to Ace Combat, and yes EPIC is the word if they did

  4. Syphon Filter?

    • The Syphon Filter series needs a big release (probably a next gen) one and not a HD Collection. Also, the best SF games were the ones from PSOne, so there would be a lot to ‘upgrade’.

      • They could be using the psp games and developing a ps4 game too. They were some of the psps highest rated games and the God of war psp games have been done.

  5. Great news, BluePoint seem to have put more love and polish into their remakes than the other Classics studios. I guess Atari’s Transfomers being remade would be too much to hope for… Yeah, probably. If love to see Time Splitters, Battlefront, SSX or Burnout 3 redone but for all the various reasons none of them seem likely candidates, I wonder how they pick a game or series to rework?

    • Here’s hoping for Timesplitters hd

    • Transformers getting a remake would be the best! I could shout profanities at Starscream like it was 2004.

      Also a massive tick for Battlefront, maybe with the new one coming?

      • Shit I totally forgot about the new one!! That’ll be my Star Wars fix sorted for the rest of the decade. Cheers dude!Right, I’m now off to waste my afternoon looking up Battlefront rumors :)

  6. Red Faction 1 please.

    The only trouble with HD collections is that you can clearly see they’ve aged. MGS2 on the Vita was a nightmare to play, although I thought it was fantastic. Couldn’t put up with it for MGS3 though. Maybe they would of been better to play on the PS3. Then again, the Prince of Persia collection still comes with a game-breaking glitch.

    • The MGS’s are great on the PS3, 2 is just as awkward as it ever was on the PS2 but no worse and 3 feels just as sharp to control as Peace Walker or even MGS4. They’re worth picking up if you have a spare fifteen quid, especially to try Peace Walker with proper Dualshock controls.

  7. Halo on my Vita please. :-P

  8. Digimon World 1, 2, 3 n 4. Do it, you know they’re fantastic games!

  9. I would like a HD remake of The Getaway, and news of a PS4 sequel.

  10. Gran Turismo 3 and 4! Do it!

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