Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct Could Feature An Unlikely Sequel

Whilst tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct will undoubtedly feature Mario, Zelda and, well, more Mario, it’s also looking likely a Nintendo icon could make a reappearance some 21 years after his SNES debut.

Anyone remember “Plok”?

[drop2]Now rebranded as “Plok: The Exploding Man”, there’s a growing amount of evidence pointing towards Ste and John Pickford’s self proclaimed video games superstar making a comeback at tomorrow’s event, although in what exact capacity is as yet unknown.

Plok, for those unacquainted with the 1992 Super Nintendo platformer, was a colourful sidescrolling romp in which our titular hero ventured through his homeland to retrieve a family heirloom from giant fleas. Yep, Mario had his turtles, Plok got fleas.

Plok’s unique ability to ‘explode’, or completely detach his limbs (think Rayman’s punch), added both humorous combat and smart puzzles to the game, and often resulted in the character sacrificing a limb or two to progress to new levels.

Moving forward some twenty odd years, and a week ago, as mentioned in our very own Snatch!, a Plok webcomic appeared online, pondering what might be next for the Harmonica-playing adventurer. At the same time, an official Twitter account appeared, and promptly followed Nintendo America, alongside an assortment of games writers and journo types.

There’s certainly something brewing.

Whilst an all new fully fledged console title, akin to Rayman Legends, would be nice, my money’s on a Wii U / 3DS eShop release of the original, or at best, the announcement of a brand new sequel for Nintendo’s much-favoured handheld.

A third, equally exciting option, is that Plok may well be venturing out of his native Polyesta – and his own games – and will be seen popping up as a combatant in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros. releases.

There’s a massive amount of wishful thinking and guesswork going on here, and this may all turn out to be but coincidence and misdirection, but, nonetheless, eight year old me, and indeed my fifty-something year old father are wetting our pants either way.

All eyes on Nintendo Direct then, tomorrow at 3pm.



  1. A new Plok game would be amazing, I absolutely loved the original. Hell, even an eShop release would be welcome … although it’ll probably be horrendously overpriced.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only fan. Excitement building.

  2. Can’t say I’ve heard of this one before. Love the eShop though so may check this out if its sensibly priced.

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