WeView: Dead Space 3

As a big fan of the first two Dead Space games, the third instalment in the series sadly never caught my attention. The underwhelming demo and action emphasis, which was noted in many reviews had a large role to play in deterring me from ever making a purchase.

Despite this, Dead Space 3 scored well among critics. Although it didn’t quite reach the heights of the previous two games, the title boasts a very credible 76 rating on Metacritic.


We didn’t review the game here at TSA, but Alex did have a few words to say about Dead Space 3. Describing the first hour of the game as a “terribly messy, uneven and largely unpleasant affair” Alex was quick to reassure us that a “couple of levels later Isaac’s back doing what he does best: creeping around an old abandoned vessel in the dark”. Although not quite returning to the series roots, he concluded:

I’m interested to see where the game goes, though, and that’s a positive thing. I actually don’t mind the blockbuster approach with certain games – and whilst it doesn’t always fit here (jarringly so, at times) the developer has hit a few sweet spots that do give that impression of ‘awesome’ in the true sense of the word, but it won’t be for everyone. Dead Space 3 – the difficult third game in a series – will likely leave very mixed impressions.

As well as the slight switch in gameplay direction, the inclusion of micro-transactions was another new addition that caused quite a stir among the gaming community. This proved to be an unnecessary debate with players being able to complete the game without any further purchases, and there also being a way to exploit the system.

Now it’s over to you to share your opinion on the game. Does Dead Space 3 rank as highly, or does it even better the previous two games? Or do you feel the game is a dead weight to the series? Let us know.

Leave your thoughts below and we’ll round up all the comments next Monday in the Verdict article. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening. Remember to give Dead Space 3 either a Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It rating, too.



  1. Oh and rent it if you really want to play it, avoid it if you don’t it will make your insides hurt.

  2. As with a few on here, I’m a real big fan of the first two Dead Space games. This game doesn’t quite live up to those standards. It is still an enjoyable game, looks great and has some good moments, but it does seem to lack a little focus (possibly due to side missions and other things to do). I’m in the final couple of chapters and certainly the final third has moved towards the feel of the original two. I even liked the opening level. I think the best way of describing it is, it is like playing the game of the movie of Dead Space. The increase of action over dread and tension shows and while it is a good game, it falls just short of the horror game it could be. I have not tried the co-op yet so for now BARGAIN BIN IT

  3. I must say as a big fan of the first 2 games I took a very long time to test the waters with the newer directions described in earlier previews. The new weapons system gives far greater flexibility, and whilst limiting options in the early chapters to accommodate newcomers, I found my familiar pulse rifle/force and flame/plasma cutter combos settling in nicely. The new combat refinements are welcome from a slightly rpg-obsessive viewpoint, and although the story loses a lot of the classic closed restrictive viewpoint it still feels steady and, when throwing yourself into the harder difficulties it very much delivers the cautious resource management of classic resi play throughs. For me it’s a buy-it, although the recent apocalyptic sale on PSN made that decision particularly easy.

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