Big Patch Teased For New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer was quite a hit last year, bringing a rather unique twist to the football game genre. Instead of managing or playing as a full team, you take control of the life of a single 16 year-old, and work your way up the ranks to stardom.

Unlike other games, it’s all done via tiny little snapshots, where you only take control during key events; when you can shoot or intercept a ball you get a little skill-based mini game to determine how this went. Then you save up, spend money on flashy cars, your girlfriend, get transferred to bigger teams, and so on.


This September, it’s getting a major overhaul, on iOS and Android, practically a year after the last update. It will finally go full screen on the iPhone 5, but there’s a lot of new features added to the gameplay too. You’ll be able to pick your gender and rise to the top of female football, hire agents and trainers, and even jump into the air and try to break the football with your head with “headers”. Speaking of which, you can now have pink balls.

I’m sure there are a few other little tweaks tucked away in the screen shots teasing the patch. Can you spot any other changes?

Source: Press Release.



  1. Awesome news, I’ve played 786 games in my career winning the Premier League twice, the Champions League five times, the FA Cup twice, the League Cup once, the World Cup once and the Euros once. Trouble is, I’m 31 in-game now so will probably need to retire before this update ;)

  2. I’m currently a former Spurs player over at Real Madrid…

    Funny that. ;)

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