Could Rockstar Be Showing Agent At Sony’s Gamescom Conference?

We haven’t heard anything about Rockstar’s PlayStation exclusive Agent in a long while, with very little solid information on the game since its 2009 reveal.


While Rockstar skipped E3 this year, we’ve discovered that they’re heading to Gamescom and that they’ll be opening a non-public press only booth, which could follow on from an announcement at Sony’s press conference.

Of course, this could always just be GTA V, but Take-Two renewed the Agent trademark just a few weeks ago, showing that it’s something they definitely want to move forward with.

I doubt Rockstar would worry about an Agent announcement hindering GTA V sales, either – we could likely see the game revealed for PS4 at Sony’s conference.

All we know of Agent is that it’s a spy thriller set in the 70s during the Cold War, with the leaked images at the top of the post being our only view into the world of the game so far.

Source: Gamescom website



  1. It would be cool to find out what it was all about but i wonder if it will still be a Sony exclusive.

  2. Every year, during every conference period there are unsubstantiated rumour and speculation. It is kind of nice to hope, but I would rather not hear anything about games like these (see Last Guardian) until it comes from the horses mouth. They have dragged on for so long, people should just let them die or wait for official info.

    It’s like continually running salt into the otherwise lol

    • It’s like flogging a dead horse but the horse is a ghost already. Drives me bonkers but still fills me with a little hope. :-)

  3. Hope it still sees the light of day on PS3.

  4. Hope it comes to PS4 maybe other platforms too. Wouldn’t like it on aged consoles tbh.

  5. Those images from the 2009 code i wonder?

    Hell by end of 2011, Sony were’nt even sure it was staying as a Sony exclusive, despite years earlier saying it was going to be the game that Rockstar showed just what the PS3 could do.

    It’s described as a ‘Stealth Action Game’, now i loved Alpha Protocol, warts n all, MGS 4 was fine, when Hideo actually let you play, not been fan of this gens Splinter Cell games, but if Sony so keen to get a PS4 stealth game out..why not do a PS4 Syphon Filter? PS1 games were great, PS2 game awful, PSP games great.

    If Rockstar do a stealth game, i expect:Hype in huge amounts, awful A.I, lot of cutscenes, great artwork and real 70’s feel and day 1 patch….all with a bog standard game underneath.

    With this game being delayed so long, time for Rockstar to p*ss or get off the hype pot.

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