News Snatch: Duck Tales Remastered, Wolfenstein: The New Order And Vikings

Welcome to your hump day round of news, carefully scraped from the bottom of the internet and repackaged in bite sized morsels. First up, a trailer for the new additions to Home, specifically Pottermore; check out the broomstick racing.

Insomniac have trademarked Bad Dinos, our requests for more information have been met with silence so let’s make a wild guess; it’s a cutesy name, so probably something for Facebook.


Woohoo! Farming Simulator 13 will be launched on consoles this September, gaze at this sexy new screenshot. Ooo-arr indeed.

You wait ages for a cricket game then one gets delayed until the autumn and another gets announced, always the way, eh? Challenging the delayed Ashes game will be Don Bradman Cricket 14 which will land on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The game features unique batting and bowling controls, dynamic weather, ball physics (fnar) and lots of other things I know nothing about. I have a basic grasp of how football works and who some of the players are from when they do sex things with grannies, but cricket is an utter mystery. Is Don Bradman famous? I have no idea.

A selection of screenshots from the recently delayed Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Sony unanimously rejected a call by one its largest investors, Third Point, to sell off their entertainment division.

“Sony’s entertainment businesses are critical to our corporate strategy and will be important drivers of growth,” said Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai. “I am firmly committed to assuring their growth, to improving their profitability, and to aggressively leveraging their collaboration with our electronics and service businesses.”

Paradox Interactive must have worked extremely hard to create this announcement trailer, removing any and all clues that could indicate what type of game this is must have taken ages. It’s something do with Vikings, probably involves lots of fighting and very little hair braiding, a technique the Vikings invented.

Don’t hold your breath for Street Fighter V, “It would probably take us until the year 2018 before Street Fighter V comes out,” commented producer Tomoaki Ayano.

And Finally, a developer duckumentary – ho ho ho – for Duck Tales Remastered which details how the team have updated the original score but kept the chip tune elements. I have a review copy and the new version of the Duck Tales theme is amazing, in fact I’ve just loaded up the game to listen to it again. Awoo-oo!



  1. As far as old and memorable SFX go I think Decapattack has it for me. So many odd sounds… :D

  2. Is Farming Simulator coming out in the US? I know a shrunken version has recently been released on Vita but I want the PS3 version. I’ve looked for a release date for the United States but everything directs me towards the EU version rather frustratingly.

  3. yeah, capcom can still release a dozen more versions of Street Fighter IV before they make V. >_>

    you know, i’d quite like to play that Farming Simulator.
    i’ve got it for my Kindle, but real controls would make a world of difference.

    the one thing i can remember about Duck Tales, is the theme from the cartoon.
    i don’t know if thats more about the quality of the cartoon, the quality of the catchyness of the theme or a sign of my poor memory. ^_^

  4. Love that Moon stage theme from Duck Tales, the original has to be one of the all-time greats of in-game music.

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