The Bureau Dev Diary Talks Setting, Characters

2K Games has released another video this week for its upcoming squad-based shooter, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. Don’t worry, there doesn’t appear to be even a mention of YOLO this time around.


This latest developer diary from 2K Marin focuses on narrative, outlining Declassified’s American 60s setting and lead protagonist, Agent Carter. According to Lead Narrative Design, Erik Caponi, it’s a very personal story and one that will probe into Carter’s past, making him an incredibly relatable character.

The Bureau is due to launch at the end of the month. Just to clarify, this isn’t a sequel to last year’s alien invasion sim, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.



  1. From the short gameplay footage shown, it looks like the game is more action-cover-shooter based. Interesting, I thought it would be XCOM:EU in a different time era.

  2. Really liking the look of this more and more. Enemy Unknown wasn’t for me but this is shaping up supremely well. :-)

    Cheers, Jim.

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