Xbox One Recording Locked Behind Gold Paywall, Records at 720p 30fps

It appears as though, once again, quite a few features will be locked behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall on the Xbox One, including recording your games, internet explorer and entertainment apps such as Netflix.

These join Skype, OneGuide, NFL content and online gaming behind the £40 subscription fee, which might seem like quite heavy price to pay when PlayStation Plus offers free games and only has online gaming locked behind their paywall.

The news was shared very quietly by Microsoft on their Xbox Live Gold page, which promotes them as a plus for the subscription service. The Game DVR will capture the last five minutes of footage, so you can upload them at any time.

As well as this, Microsoft confirmed in an Ask Microsoft Anything piece over on IGN that it records exclusively at 720p and 30fps:

Game DVR captures beautiful clips at 720p 30fps. The first thing you’ll see with our game DVR is the integration of our Upload service on the console. This service allows you to manage, edit, and share your content. Your clips are stored in the cloud. Also, you’ll see games making “magic moment” videos of your gameplay based on the game DVR functionality – all seamlessly integrated.

There’s no word on what resolution PS4 game recordings will be in, though we know it will record the last fifteen minutes of footage and won’t be exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers.



  1. wow, ms and their frakking gold wall bullshit. >_<

    shame they haven't locked kinect behind a bloody gold wall as well.

  2. The browser too?, jeez.. :/

    • That’s one expensive browser :D

  3. This is the result of them not having dedicated hardware, they probably only added it as a “me too!” feature anyway. At least you can use any capture card you like to capture directly from the xbox

  4. This is the reason i sold my sons xbox and bought him a PS3. Putting netflix and other already paid for services behind a paywall is disgusting. Yet another reason not to buy MS’s next console.

    • that’s the one thing i’ve always hated about ms’s gold service.
      they lock the services of other companies behind their pay wall.
      services that often have their own subscription fees.

      do they share the profits of gold with those companies i wonder.
      bet they don’t.

  5. wew.. what more can MS put me off the xbox?

  6. wtf!! greedy slimy devious little bastards, MS’s shame knows no bounds. I for one will never let them see a penny of mine unless it’s something I have to have (windows)

    Tempted to say I’d love to see them fail, but that would only mean a lot of innocent people losing their jobs

    • Donwload Ubuntu. Much quicker OS and free.

      • btw, if you aren’t keen on the Unity dock in Ubuntu, Mint Linux with Cinnamon is a tasty alternative.

  7. Not really a surprise. Most features this gen have required gold membership.

  8. Are they actually trying to convince people to go buy a PS4? Announcing all the features that you need a sub for and sometimes a second sub whereas the PS in offering all the subscription apps without needing plus.

  9. I agree that putting TV apps like Netflix behind the paywall is off to say the least but putting their own services behind a paywall is just financial sense. It costs them money to maintain/support/develop/trouble-shoot so why shouldn’t they channel some revenue in to it.

    No one is bitching that Sony are making you pay to play online with PS4 and we still don’t fully know their plans for next gen. I just hope when Gamescon hits they don’t make a balls up of the PR like Microsoft have up to now, they seem to keep making it up as they go along.

    • Nobody is complaining about needing to pay for PS4 online because of the amount of value which PS+ offers on a monthly, let alone yearly basis. On top of that, it’s not a retroactive move, so PS3 and PS Vita will remain free to go online.

      • Mm mm that’s right..PS+ is fan dabby dozy.

      • I have to say I’ve been against P+ sine the start, it just doesn’t suit my gaming lifestyle. I always said I wouldn’t pay to play online, BUT>….
        Considering the huge amount of games that P+ gives out, its a great time for me to start with it, as I wont own any ps4 games from the start, I can just use P+ for all my gaming needs, no need to purchase a lot of games.

        So for me, PS4 is my only choice. I have to pay to play online, so I might as well go with Sony PS4 and get the best and fantastic service that they created for P+ subscribers on the PS3.

        Microsoft have just lost it in my opinion, I think they are just hoping that fanboys will pay up, as well as non-informed parents.

      • I still think PS + should be tiered for next gen, basic entry level for online play moving through to the full blown with all of the trimmings.
        Microsoft will have a good system in place in that respect, albeit a pearl in a pigs ear.

      • Agreed freezebug, £40 regular PS+ then £80 for similar amount of PS4 games as our current PS3 PS+ offering? Yes please!

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