Boobjam Aims To Create Accurate Depictions Of Breasts

Boobjam, a week long programming event, aims to demystify breasts and their inaccurate depiction within video games.

Boobjam creator Jenn Frank spoke to the BBC, “The underlying joke is that for a lot of people, breasts and having them is an incredibly unsexy reality.”


The seeds of the jam were sown when Jenn created a game in which a sexy character goes shopping for a bra but ends with her crying because she could not find one that fitted. She noted that as most developers are male boobs are programmed as sexual objects, “Accuracy in this context meant better jiggle physics.”

“Boobjam is just one of many attempts to move the discussion on and change the aesthetic away from women being nothing but boobs and sexual objects to thinking of them as active subjects,” said Dr Helen W Kennedy of the University of Brighton.

Boobjam will take place in September, we will keep you abreast of any further news.

Source: BBC



  1. Slow news day?

  2. Saw the word Boob and Jam and you cannot imagine my disappointment ;)

  3. My girlfriend has a rather large chest and said that this womans just jelly lol

  4. This article did make me laugh. Kudos tuffcub.

  5. So can we have PecJam next? How about BicepJam? I demand equality!!!

    • Nope, the next big thing has to be Toejam surely?

  6. It’s actually quite a just cause when we look at it. Most of the industry seems to depict the female mammary glands as hilarious, gravity-defying melons which look nothing like 99.5% of the examples on offer in the real world.

    I was so happy to see someone like Trip (from Enslaved) having a modest chest size and not as “on show” as the usual female characters we see in gaming. Hell, even Lara Croft has had a fair ol’ boob job to reduce the madonna-bra-sized mountains she started out with.

    • Trip still had big, gravity defying boobs mate, the evidence is that she managed to have a cleavage that defied gravity whilst wearing just a tea towel for a top. But it’s a fair point, she was at least way more modestly proportioned! She’d probably be bullied out of the Dead or Alive changing rooms… How’s that for an image?

      Oh and with regards to TSA remaining abreast of the situation – fucking brilliant punnage :)

      • this will support einstein that big objects cause gravititional lensing.

    • Oops, I’m obviously not paying attention with my multiple references to defying gravity. My mind must’ve been elsewhere.

  7. somehow, i just knew you’d pick up on this story TC.

    anyway, it should be an interesting experiment.
    it should be enlightening, seeing how games for the jam made by men and women differ.

    anyway, there’s an early entry.
    it’s a little interactive fiction game, called Sleeping With Boobs.

    funny and a little thought provoking.
    livings with breasts day in day out, isn’t all glamour.

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