New Videos Of Xbox One Headset, Controller And Charge Kit

Microsoft have posted three new videos with CG representations of the Xbox One controller, headset and play and charge kit.

There is very little new in these videos, Microsoft themselves seem to be struggling to find exciting things to highlight, “Recharge while you play or afterwards” is one of their top zingers.

The Xbox One will ship without a headset but with Kinect, whilst the PS4 will ship with a headset but without a PS Eye.

Microsoft have also revealed that the Xbox One should be stored horizontally.

“Designed as a premium entertainment system that is aesthetically at home in the living room, the console is intended to sit horizontally. Additionally, the airflow and venting system was optimized for this horizontal orientation.”

We contacted Microsoft for clarification and they confirmed the console “designed to be stored horizontally” but added, “How people actually choose to store their console is entirely up to them.”

Source: YouTube 1,2,3, 4



  1. so nothing new here really. The only thing is the headset and play and charge accessories both come as extras(more money)? If so, another downer for the Xbox One in my opinion.

    • Yeah, let’s make a video about stuff we charge you extra for! Wooo! ‘merica!


  2. The fact that Xbox have never had rechargeable controllers from the start had always been a personal bug bear with Xbox 360, I don’t want to pay extra for something that should have been in from the start really, surely it’s better for the environment and more convenient for everyone for them to just make them rechargeable from the start, surely disposable batteries aren’t the future Microsoft? Especially in this day and age of next gen consoles. Sorry, it’s just an annoyance of mine.

    • A rechargeable unit was included when I bought my 360. It was a while ago so could have been a special offer.
      But your right a rechargeable unit should be included with the X1.

  3. Strange videos.

    The majority of what I read about the two consoles makes me think that, in terms of popularity, the PS4 will be like FIFA and the X1 like Pro Evo.

  4. So, basically you have to have the console positioned horizontally unless you want it to break and then receive no sympathy from Microsoft.

    “we earned you, didn’t we? Now go buy a new Xbox one and do as we say!”

  5. Oh-Oh, Ms already getting the disclaimers ready about improper use of console (was it really all those years ago MS dismissed the entire 3 Red Ring fiasco as ‘The 12 Angry Men Of The Internet and then blamed it on people plugging their 360’s in anti-surge protected extension leads? lol).

    And seriousily MS as an Xbox and 360 owner, i know your designers really get off on ‘1 ugly looking motherf**ker’ big black boxes, but man alive, hire a design team who can build a console that does’nt require a power brick the size of wales (*disclaimer:actual size may differ) or better still, not require a power brick what so ever.

    What MS need for press showings like these are QVC and it’s ilk, presenters, they are very good at bigging up the most mundane items…(and next up we have a flowerpot, cue 5 mins describing it in ways you’d never expect a flowerpot to be described).

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