PS4’s Game Recording Length Could Be “Virtually Unlimited”

While we knew that the PS4 would automatically record the last fifteen minutes of whatever you’re playing – so that you won’t miss out on any amazing moments you wanted to rewatch – we weren’t sure of just how long you could record manually for.

It appears that you’re only limited by the size of your hard drive, according to a commenter on a Kotaku article, as found by NeoGAF. He’s apparently working at a studio developing PS4 games and says that, as long as you’re actively recording or streaming, “you’re virtually unlimited” in regard to how long you can record for.

He also suggests that current capture cards – such as the ones used on current generation consoles and PC – will work with PS4, meaning you’re not limited by the PS4’s own recording features.

Presumably there’s still a limit on how much you can upload to your PSN profile, but if he is to be believed, then you’re able to export and upload elsewhere – you’ll be able to edit in an outside program and upload to YouTube instead, which could be great for video enthusiasts.

Of course, this might not necessarily be true, and it might just be development kit specific – anything could change leading up to the PS4’s release.



  1. Teflon and I were talking about this recently. Nothing to stop Sony from simply saying “whatever’s there on the hard drive, you can use” which would be nothing short of effing awesome!

    • Well if the PS4 is capable of it, i’m sure Sony will leverage it. :)

    • Yeah. 15 minute buffer in your RAM, and the schlep it over to the disk when the player says to record or stream.


  2. It could have it’s own theme music play as it recorded and i’d still not see it as a selling point.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Spinning Jenny i need to destroy….


  3. Hopefully we’ll be able to use an external HDD or memory stick to store them on too?

    • That would be useful as I can see the internal drive getting filled up rather quickly.

  4. Headline News: PS4 launched

    In other news: YouTube is broken

  5. Fingers crossed on that mention of allowing external capture devices.

    • Like a butterfly net?

    • If that happened, it would only be be of any use to a select few devices as you already know. It certainly won’t support my capture device and other popular choices without a revised hardware update which obviously won’t happen this late in the day.

  6. “you’ll be able to edit in an outside program and upload to YouTube instead, which could be great for video enthusiasts”

    Does that mean that the PS3 PlayMemories Studio app. that, as far as I know, allows HD video editing wont carry over to PS4? Why use an external program when you should be able to use that?

    • More editing options, effects etc.

  7. Excellent.
    Sony are doing everything right at the start if this new generation. But, how disappointed would they be 6 months after release if sales numbers are roughly equal and after all of the bluster and Internet talk, they simply haven’t been able to capitalise on the positivity.

    I think it is a strong possibility.

  8. I’m still skeptical of this. The guy says they’re recording using the same devices they used on PS3. How? The only way to capture on PS3 was through component cables because of HDCP. PS4 does NOT have multi-out, but only HDMI. So unless Sony ditched HDCP and is allowing Blu-ray capture, I don’t see how this is possible. Unless Sony came up with some kinda software solution…

    • That is exactly what I thought when reading this. I am also skeptical about the whole HDCP, really hoped that Sony would ditch it.

      Have to see how the PS4s own recording features work.

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