Sony Confirm That PS Plus Isn’t Required For Streaming Game Video

Yesterday, we learned that the Game DVR features of the Xbox One would be locked behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall, meaning that you couldn’t stream or record your games without the £40 a year subscription.

While we were aware that the PS4 would record the last fifteen minutes of gameplay at all times without the need for a PlayStation Plus subscription, we weren’t entirely sure if the same was true for the game streaming and whether that would be locked behind the paywall of PS Plus.

Thankfully, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed on twitter that you won’t require Plus for streaming, recording or posting videos.

What we still don’t know is whether there will be enhanced video recording and perhaps more streaming time or more cloud space for store videos for PlayStation Plus subscribers, nor which resolution and FPS it will record in – hopefully Sony will clarify these things at Gamescom.

Source: Dualshockers



  1. great news for Sony and PS4 gamers.

  2. I think they haven’t confirmed it’ll be 15 minutes yet but good to know the recording (and no doubt the browser) won’t be locked behind the pay wall.

  3. Ha. This whole situation just makes me laugh. It seems Sony just wait for ms to make a terrible announcement then say “we do it better”. All most amusing!

    • Was just thinking the same, do they have a list of functionality that they drip feed only to make it look like MS eating another shoe.

    • And the MS do a complete 180 and decide to do it the “Sony way”. ;)

    • Technically Sony announced this recording things first, they had it planned (dedicated chip) well before their announcement.

      It’s kind like MS saw it and went “us too!!!” **, and then scrambled frantically to add it to their feature list.

      ** but only 720p 30fps for 5 minutes, or 30 seconds if multiplayer, and only if you pay $60 for XBL.

  4. Nice one Sony.

  5. i may not be totally behind charging for online play, but the way sony are doing their subscription service is almost infinitely better in my opinion.

    not putting features like this behind a pay wall is a big part of why i think that.

    though the metric shit ton of content they give with the plus sub has a lot to do with it too.

    and yes, “metric shit ton” is the correct technical term. ^_^

  6. Have Sony confirmed what improvements are going to be implemented to psn yet? The current network will collapse with all this video streaming going on.

  7. Good to know, but is there any news on what it will record at? 720p, 30fps or 1080p, 60fps?

  8. sweet! ;)

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