Xbox One Home Gold Will Let You Share Your Digital Library

After much confusion and slip ups Microsoft have now fully detailed the sharing features for Xbox One Gold members, and the feature is going by the name Home Gold. The big news is that sharing your digital library is back and it sounds very impressive.

If you have an Xbox One Gold account then anyone who has access to your console at home can take advantage of your digital library, can play online and use any entertainment apps. This does not require them to be signed into your account. In fact they can sign into their own account and access these things.

It’s a major change to how the Live Gold currently works, where each account on the console needs a Live account to access online multiplayer or apps.

If you do go to a friend’s house and log in to your account they can also access your games, multiplayer and apps, but the difference between this and the Home console is that you have to stay logged in. Furthermore, if you buy a digital game while logged into your account at your friend’s house,  anyone at your home can access that game straight away.

Finally, Xbox Live memberships will carry over from the Xbox 360. It does look like Microsoft went back to the drawing board and really made sure the message was clear this time.




  1. Game sharing hasn’t changed. On the 360, any account on the main console for the account can access those games, and on a friends one they can access it if logged into the account, so that sounds the same as this.

    The only part of this that sounds impressive is that only one person per house needs Xbox Live to play those games online. Other than that, no change.

    • This is an improvement, I needed 2 accounts on the same console to allow the boys to play online on their own profile.

      Still not getting one until they scrap the compulsory camera.

  2. Basically the same thing you’ve been able to do on PS3 since the dawn of time.

    • Well I was thinking that and then I read the words “it sounds very impressive”… And then I thought, no… no, it’s exactly the same as the current PS3 set up…

    • It’s really easy to fool idiots, that’s how Microsoft managed to product the biggest POS in the history of consumer products with a 50% failure rate, yet still sell them to spotty American teenagers telling them that is was cool and fashionable to support the struggling underdog.

  3. Still not enough to make me change to Xbox One.

  4. It does seem like MS are trying to put things right again. This is a great feature. If only they would scrap Kinnect as Sad Panda said.

    *Waits for Sony to announce that you can share your digital library with the whole world, on any console, for free*

  5. They still need to move all the apps you already subscribe to from behind the paywall before ill even consider getting one.

  6. Pointlessness dressed up as usefulness…. Instead of making Family Gold more useful with digital game sharing across multiple consoles, they’ve made XBLG sub like DLC by making it console tied instead of just account tied…. And now they’re ‘migrating’ all XBL family Gold accounts back to standard gold accounts.

  7. How is this different to PS3/4?

    This ‘feature’ was confirmed for PS4 over two months ago ( ).

    Another case of MS playing catchup? I guess it’s good they have relaxed some of the limitation present on the 360, but in a way they really had to, with Sony offering significantly more value with PS+, and none of the ‘paywall’ limitations without it.

    • They only confirmed one console and multiple accounts, basically as it is now.

      MS are talking about multiple consoles on one IP address using the same account.

      They haven’t mentioned a console limit, is it 2, 3, 4, 5, 30?

      • One console is not one IP address, at least Internet facing. Will more likely be tied to console serial ID.

  8. Xbox One Home Gold? What a stupid name… And the system is only impressive if you have never touched a PS3 before. There’s no name for it on Sony’s console because it’s nothing special. It’s how it is supposed to be…

  9. kinda like what you can do on the ps3 now?

    except for going round somebody else’s house and downloading on their console.
    well you can do that if you have one of your activations left.

    but with the x1, how can your friend use your games and multiplayer if you have to have your account logged in?
    can you log in with multiple accounts on a single machine?

  10. Sorry, but where’s the impressive part? Also sounds like you’ll have some fun with the support call-centre if your dedicated home console breaks.

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