Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Screenshots

Square Enix have relased a huge number of shiny new screens for the HD remakes of Final Fantasy X and X-2.

Both games are coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with a remastered soundtrack, cross save and trophy support, but no date has been set for their release.


If you want to see even more screenshots courtesy of All Games Beta, then click this link.

Source: All Games Beta



  1. They really need to say a release date.

  2. Are these the PS3 or the Vita shots or are they pretty comparable? I’ll only be getting it for the Vita hence why I’m curious.

  3. last thing i heard was october 18th together with kingdom hearts HD 1.5 remix. both are very high on my wishlist :)

  4. Other than God of war, I’m still waiting for some good remakes of games I missed the first time around.

  5. Just show Sin or Zanarkand please.

    • I should clarify I want them to be cutscenes.

  6. I’ve a very strong feeling i’ll be putting just as many hours into this as I did when it first came out!

  7. ah, Yuna, lovely, lovely Yuna.

    umm, anyway.

    i’ll definitely be interested in this, but i really hope it does well so they’ll do a HD remake of XII, my favourite PS2 FF game.

    XII had this wierd look on PS2, i’m not sure what it was, but it looked a bit off.
    almost grainy.

    great game other than that.
    well, that and how incredibly bland Vaan was.
    still Vaan was infinitely less annoying than Squall, hated that guy.

    i quite liked X2, i know not many other people do but i did.

    never managed to finish it though, i got to a certain point then had no idea where to go next to progress.

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