Two Splinter Cell: Blacklist Videos

Ubisoft show no sign of stopping the seemingly endless stream of Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailers prior to launch. The first of the latest batch joins Charlie Cole, Tech Ops Specialist, on a thorough debriefing of Sam Fisher’s most challenging and complex mission.


“Meet the members of 4th Echelon, tour the state-of-the-art Paladin aircraft, learn more about the Strategic Mission Interface, browse through the armoury filled with suits, gadgets and weapons, discover the different play styles, find out how to best team up in Co-Op and get ready for non-stop multiplayer action in Spies vs. Mercs. Winner of over 20 Best of E3 awards.”

The second video is a CGI TV commercial which finds Sam being all stealthy and punching people.


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  1. I’ll be hitting this in a Steam sale in about a year’s time. I can never justify the full RRP but it’s a bit of fun and the co-op missions are a nice bonus too. Shame the game isn’t co-op campaign but there we go.

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