WeView Verdict: Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3, as expected, wasn’t anyone’s favourite game of the series, with nearly every WeView contributor sharing the same opinion of the game. Although its more action-orientated gameplay wasn’t to everyone’s liking, there was still an enjoyable experience to be had.


Kamokazi-UK was first to give to some insight into the game saying that “while the start was a little jarring” by the time he had returned to shooting up Necromorphs everything “felt like normal.”

Divulging deeper into the details was Youles, who had a lot to say about the game, but managed to sum the game up into one sentence: “Yes it’s more shootie and less scary than the others, but in its own right is a good quality game with a good story, very detailed environments, good combat, excellent sound.” He also added that he loved the lack of a HUD display, and how the chapters and cut-scenes “seamlessly flow”.

Bladesew unfortunately stumbled upon a difficulty spike not far into Dead Space 3, leading him to believe that the game “felt unfocussed” compared to the previous games, while our very own Tuffcub too only played “a little”, coming to the quick conclusion that “it’s either retreading old ground or just not scary”.

Sharing a similar opinion to bladeshew’s was elpablo79 who again described Dead Space 3 to “lack a little focus”. However, they reassured us that it was still an enjoyable experience that “looks great and has some good moments”.

GregHorrorShow, as a “big fan” of the first two games, “enjoyed this one” but felt the “scales had tipped from survival horror to full out action”. This seems to be becoming a common complaint with Dead Space 3. Jimmy-google provided a fresh perspective on this complaint suggesting that “I think it’s just a more general issue with creating the third in a series than a Dead Space specific issue.”

For me, Tactical20, summed up Dead Space 3 best…

I’m a big Dead Space fan, and while this was probably my least favourite of the trilogy, I still found it very enjoyable. The micro-transactions were a total non issue, and even though it was more ‘actiony’, it was still a highly polished, well executed experience.

Now it’s down to the votes: Dead Space 3 picked up three Buy It ratings and only one Bargain Bin It vote, but in the lead this week was Rent It with four of you suggesting us to try the game before buying. Rather impressively Dead Space didn’t get a single Avoid It rating.

So there we have it, Dead Space 3 is certainly worth renting, and if it’s to your liking then you shouldn’t have any hesitation deciding whether to make a full purchase or not.

As for tomorrow, we’ve got Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance coming up due to it receiving the most votes in last week’s poll. While Final Fantasy XIII-2 received the least votes, so drops off the bottom. That means these games are replaced by PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and LEGO Lord of the Rings, with Injustice and Resident Evil 6 staying on the poll for another week at least.


  1. Pretty much what I expected, I gave up after the first few hours after actually renting it… I might have to pick it up again, just to see what happens.

    • funnily enough so did i..
      lost its edge being a bit cartoony and not really in space..
      bit too lost planet for me!

  2. I loved the first Dead Space but I wasn’t mad on DS2 and completely skipped DS3.

    Usually if I’m not sure about something I’ll wait a few months and pick it up cheap but for some reason, I have absolutely no desire to play this game. I guess I didn’t like the direction they took in the second game and DS3 looked even worse. The first game is still fantastic though. One of my favourites this gen.

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