Japanese Mobile Game Market Outperforms Video Game Market

The mobile gaming market is huge and it is growing as more smartphones and tablets are bought. In Japan it seems to have exploded with the mobile gaming market exploding, outperforming the console gaming market by $500 million.

Serkan Toto translated a report  from the Japanese Mobile Content Forum, which revealed that in 2012 the mobile gaming market was worth $5.1 billion, while a separate report stated that the console market was worth $4.6 billion, with it growing 1.2% though software sales fell by the same percentage.


This explains why the likes of Square Enix are embracing the mobile market when there is such a huge financial gain to be had.  Of course even with these figures we won’t be seeing the big publishers abandoning the console market for mobile anytime soon.

Figures for the UK and US mobile gaming market are also quite interesting. According to Newzoo the state of mobile market in Q1 2013 showed it had 18% of the global market share and during that time generate $12 billion. However n these countries the console market is doing better than the mobile market.

Source: Serkon Toto via Gaf/ Newzoo



  1. Although the mobile market keeps growing I don’t think console makers have anything to worry about for the next generation. But for PS5 who knows?

    • It’s nothing to worry about at all, as long as there is even a modest amount of people gaming on consoles games will be being made for them.

      It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for the total number of console gaming consumers to shrink slightly, perhaps encouraging a more focused approach from developers.

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