Rumour: October 21st Is The PlayStation 4 Release Date

Another day and another release date rumour for the PlayStation 4.

This time the date of October 21st comes from a post on NeoGAF, where a user has posted that the store he works for, which remains unnamed, has received a release schedule pinning that date as release day for Sony’s next gen machine.

This rumour appears to have some weight as that user is mod-verified on GAF, which means that the mods have checked the poster out and have seen enough proof that what he posts is information that could indeed be legitimate.

This would mean the PS4 would release before the One, taking advantage of the small time frame to appeal to the mainstream audience. We’re more than likely to get a solid release date for both next gen consoles next week at Gamescom, where both Sony and Microsoft are hosting conferences.

Personally I hope its release is a week later than this rumoured date, purely because I’ll be on holiday and no one will be home to take the delivery.

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. This is a rumor I like a lot more than the Toys”R”Us. I think something will die inside me if they don’t reveal it at Gamescom.

  2. If PS4 can launch earlier AND with more actual units for sale then It will be a merry Christmas for Sony.

  3. So we’ve had a December and October rumour now, strange how they’re not even close to each other.

    • It’s almost as if… one of them… isn’t… true…?

    • nailed on for November then

  4. The toys r us statement sounds more likely to be true than this.

    • I used to work for toys r us, they don’t seem the company to be in the know when they have downsized their video games department immensely because of the poor sales and poor profit they get from them, quite frankly most of the upper management don’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to video games

      • It was because they said the release date info came from the suppliers that I’m more convinced than a forum post.

      • they need to play QWOP and GIRP

      • Toys R Us I wouldn’t ever believe over someone on a forum to be honest. A December release date doesn’t make any sense. Most parents would have bought a christmas present already so Sony would miss out on a lot of sales. They either bring it out earlier so it gathers hype/pace or just leave it until after Christmas.

  5. I’ve preordered, but I don’t mind waiting till December really.

    • Me too – I’ve pre-ordered ours as a family Christmas present to be honest. I’d love to see it out a good month before the XBO though…

  6. I hope it’s closer to this date than December.

  7. One thing that makes me doubt this is that it’s a Monday. Usually they launch on Fridays.

    • Ps vita launched on a Wednesday

  8. Noooo October is my car tax and insurance month :(

    Who needs a car anyway? I hear horses are making a comeback.

  9. A Monday just seems a weird day for a console launch. It means midnight openings on a Sunday night, and a nightmare for couriers working over the weekend for delivery on Monday morning.

    • Could just be week commencing 21st rather than being the actual release date. The day may vary from country to country. October has been rumoured for a while.

      • True, although I think we’re more likely to see a universal release date (for launch countries at least). My bets are still on November.

      • I’ve always thought it would be either Thurs 24th or Fri 25th October so if it’s “week commencing” I’ll be happy, although gutted I didn’t place a bet back in February.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised that this is the date for shipping to retailers rather than necessarily release date…. Could really do with it being after the 25th of October anyway as my bonus is paying for it. :)

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