Defiance DLC Detailed & Dated

Trion Worlds have announced the much anticipated Castithan Charge Pack, the first major add-on content for their online open world shooter Defiance.

The content will be free to existing Season Pass holders, or priced at $9.99/800 Microsoft Points for the rest of us, and will hit next week’s PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Windows PC store updates. Localised pricing is currently unknown, although the Defiance UK website suggests DLC will retail for £6.50 per pack.


The Castithan Charge Pack brings with it new weapons, game modes and story missions, and will be released alongside a gameplay patch which will allow players with or without the DLC to “experience the evolution of the game together” – seeing selected free game content released to the entire Defiance community.

This news comes, of course, just two weeks after hearing that Trion had shuttered it’s San Diego studio, the former home of Defiance.

Source: Press Release



  1. I loved the show and am tempted to pick the game up but I just shake the feeling it’ll go free to play in the next 6-9 months. And with PS4 coming up I don’t know if I’ll get my moneys worth?

    • I got it on release and have put a fair amount of hours into it, if you see it cheap I’d recommend giving it a go. It would probably end up more expensive as a f2p (I’m assuming decent weapons would cost real money)

      • just got a copy today at tesco for £20 will give it a blast tonight.

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