Sony Register Helldivers Domain

Sony Computer Entertainment America have registered, as spotted by the eagle eyed chaps at Kotaku.

This seems to be a new game but the domain gives little clue as to what it may be. It could be, quite literally, a dive into hell in which Tom Daley competes against Kratos in a series of back flip and somersault challenges before splashing into a warming pool of lava.

Perhaps the name is a reference to the F8C Helldiver, reconnaissance and bomber biplane of the 1920s or the B2C Helldiver, dive bomber monoplane of the 1940s, also know as the Curtiss Helldiver.

Outside bets are a game based on the Pied Billed Grebe, a sea based bird known as the Helldiver which inspired the enemy of the same name in Final Fantasy XI, or a tactical simulation of spearfishing based around the exploits of the Helldivers club.

Personally I’m hoping for a game based on the Grebe, it is such an underrepresented species in gaming.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I think I’ll pass on this and wait for the sequel- Muff Divers

    • i like the sound of that one. ^_^

    • I don’t need a video game for that, the wife normally asks.

  2. Oculus Rift compatible game? As in SkyDIEving!

  3. i thought helldivers was what they called people who parachute in to fight forest fires.
    i’m sure i saw something about that once, might have been a movie.

    could be a game about that.
    that might be cool.
    figuratively speaking, the setting would be quite hot, it being a forest fire and all.

  4. Housemarque perhaps?

  5. Could be something along lines of Halo’s ODST, are’nt they refered to as ‘Hell Jumpers’? i.e whilst rest of crew leave via escape shuttles, they’ll be leaving via a different method, jumping feet 1st into hell.

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