Sony & Viacom May Have Struck Deal For Online TV Service

According to the Wall Street Journal Sony has stuck a deal with the media giant, Viacom. Apparently this deal is to allow Sony to stream the broadcaster’s channels and content on Sony’s own internet based TV service. This is all according to ‘someone familiar with the situation.’

Taking that into account this could be nothing but a rumour, however with more companies looking at streaming content online due to successes like Netflix, you have to wonder if Sony are preparing to bring a TV service to its devices, like the PlayStation 4.


Partnering with Viacom would give Sony access to content produced by the likes Paramount, MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike and Comedy Central, all of which are owned by the media company. Maybe Sony will be aiming to turn the PS4 into a more central media device, taking on Microsoft and the One at its own game. If this is the case, and a deal has been struck, then we could potentially hear more at Gamescom.

Source: Wall Street Journal via GAF



  1. Interesting if true, Especially with SPIKE and the game related coverage they have in the US.

  2. I didn’t even know Sony had an internet tv service.

    • That is because, officially at the moment, they don’t. At least from what I understand.

  3. If Sony have managed to pull this off it would be a bit of a coup for them, I for one would like nothing better than watching E3 next year via Spike TV rather than just streaming the event, we’ll just have wait and see I guess.

  4. Not sure why we’d hear more at Gamescom unless the deal covers Europe as well… Doubt they’d announce a US specific service over in our neck of the woods.

  5. Hmm, nothing I’m really interested in watching under Viacom’s banner. If this is going to be s serious IPTV push by Sony, lets hope they sign some bigger networks up, and perhaps Sky and Virgin over here.

  6. Not in the slightest bit interested. I’ve got a telly, got Freeview, got Sky, don’t need or want anything else thank you.

  7. I do think Sony will have something up their sleeve for TV streaming, I mean they know its a big thing these days for some people. I personally don’t understand it yet, since I get everything from Virgin anyway.

  8. We also have Sky and Freeview but this might be interesting if it came to PS3 (and Europe); With my PS3 soon to moved out of the living room to make way for my shiny, new PS4 this could be a way of watching additional content in a room where we don’t have a Sky box

  9. Does anyone at TSA know if the PS4 natively supports MKV container like most of their modern blu-ray players and Smart TVs do now? Its a pain on PS3 having to use programs like mkvtovob (or media servers) etc to get around the PS3 limitations.

    • I use Vuze as a media server and the PS3 find it easily and plays anything pretty much.

      • Yeah there are work arounds but I prefer to just play files on the PS3 without needing other devices. Hope the PS4 will follow other Sony hardware.

  10. Because all that TV stuff went down so well when MS announced they were doing it, didn’t it?

    This appears to be a rumour of a service that only works on Sony hardware. This probably dooms it from the start. The success of Netflix has to be partly down to how many different devices it works on as well as the content. As good as their own content is (and things like House of Cards and that new Orange is the New Black are incredibly good), that wouldn’t be enough if it only worked on some Netflix box, or only hardware from whoever paid them lots.

    Any service that isn’t available to everyone, whatever the hardware, isn’t going to be off to a good start, especially with more and more competition and the existing big players.

    Plus it’ll end up only being for the US and the rest of us can, er, stick to the many other services available?

    And aren’t Viacom the idiots that sued Google for some stupid amount of money (possibly ALL the money) over YouTube. So they can piss off.

    • the PS3 is the most used Netflix device.

      • number 1 device

      • Your point being? It doesn’t necessarily work the other way around.

        The PS3 is the most used device for Netflix, although actual meaningful numbers were absent when they claimed that – it could still be 5% of Netflix use is on the PS3 and the rest are <1% each. It would explain why the PS3 Netflix is the only one currently forcing public DNS lookups on Google/OpenDNS servers though, blocking (or making things complicated) for anyone wanting to get at the US Netflix from the UK.

        But Netflix is an established service. The PS3 just happens to be a very nice device for using it.

        Any new service is going to struggle against the existing ones. Especially if it's only available on Sony hardware. The fact that the PS3 is the most used Netflix device won't help there. (Although obviously Sony would still have the number one hardware for their service).

        As long as Sony don't throw enough money at them to get all the content as an exclusive, it's safe to ignore. That's going to be the next big problem. Companies wanting to use the TV model to get exclusive content instead of a rental model. Remember when you could rent DVDs (or even earlier technologies) from shops? (Ok, some people probably don't remember that). Would have been a crap if you could only rent certain films from certain shops because they had exclusives. Which is exactly what the streaming services are starting to do as they get more money to throw around. (Add Sky into the mix and it gets worse)

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