Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Headset Review

Recently Turtle Beach were kind enough to send me their new Ear Force PX22 headset to take a look at, which they’ve produced in partnership with Major League Gaming. It’s the cheapest MLG headset on the market, meaning that I wasn’t actually expecting a huge amount from it. I shouldn’t have doubted Turtle Beach though, as they’ve produced a great sounding, comfortable headset that’ll work with you PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for a reasonable price for one of their products (it retails in the £60-£70 price range).

For a closer look at the headset and my full views on it, take a gander at the video above.



  1. I’m disappointed by a lack of Battlefield 3 footage. ;)

    • Can’t imagine why that’d be.

  2. I’ve just got this headset myself recently. Sound quality is excellent. Havn’t had chance to try the mic out though.
    Just to add: they work with pretty much anything with a 3.5mm jack. So vita, ipod etc. =)

    • I found they were a bit weak without the amplifier, little tinny for listening to music. Very good with the amplifier though.

  3. I’ve got the PX21 and they are freakingly awesome.
    The only problem for me… the cable is very very long, about 12 feet!

  4. I’ve had countless PX21’s over the years. Everyone of them broke. The only good think about them is the company are great and will replace them. They replaced mine 5 times before I’d had enough and bought some Trittons instead. Thankfully Tritton headsets are far better in build quality and I haven’t needed to replace these yet.

    • Just to add, the PX22’s look far better in terms of build quality. I just wouldn’t use this company from experience.

  5. Yeah cool, but cable? No thanks, when it comes to gaming. I think it’s better to save up money and buy the OFFICIAL SONY PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 PULSE WIRELESS STEREO 7.1 HEADSET ELITE EDITION (sorry for caps-lock, pasted it from a website).

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