Xbox One Will Automatically Detect And Prevent Overheating

Say goodbye to Red Ring of Death, or whatever it’s next-gen counterpart was to be, as it has been reported that Microsoft’s next console is far more heat-aware and able to adjust to it’s temperature on the fly.

Speaking to Gizmodo, Xbox’s General Manager of Console Development Leo del Castillo has revealed details of how both the system fan and the Xbox One’s power consumption will play a part in it’s heat management.

On the topic of the console’s main fan, del Castillo said “The way we designed the box, we don’t actually intend it to ever have to go to maximum speed under normal environmental conditions. But there is overhead. So we’ll allow the fan to go all the way up to its maximum speed.”

He explained that the system’s PC like architecture allows Xbox One to “dial back the power of the box considerably” and enter a “lower power state”, which will – theoretically – reduce heat significantly whilst having a minimal impact on users.

Xbox One is due to launch in the UK alongside 12 other territories this November, with a further 8 following in early 2014.

Source: Gizmodo



  1. Great, is gets really noisy when it overheats. A respectable company would engineer their products properly to not overheat in the first place.

    Perhaps this news is related to the gpu clock speed increase, and they are setting user expectations and presenting loud fans as some desirable feature.

  2. If it’s possible for them to run in a ‘low power state’ with no impact on the user why don’t they just run in a low power state all the time?

    • Some smoke & mirrors there, it would surely impact performance.

      • My laptop in ‘low power’ is set to 75% CPU speed, which makes a huge difference. I can imagine most people who are into their computers thinking the XBox will do the same, so surely this is bad marketing? Also, why not just invest in slightly pricier thermal paste? I assume its the cheap white crap which bakes dry in our moderate British summers, why not strike up a deal to be supplie by arctic silver? Lots of rheyorical questions from me today sorry about that :)

      • Smoke and mirrors is the polite way of saying it. I’d just use lying… It sounds like a complete fabrication.

  3. A fan that speeds up when the chip gets hot. That clever MS, not heard of any other device that uses this technology. Perhaps they run out of policies to reverse now, so had to come out with this to get the xbox one some headlines.

  4. Wonder if the clock speeds will slow down at near critical points when even the increased fan isn’t enough.

    Have to cater to moron end users who keep their consoles in some sort of close fitting cubby hole in a TV stand with little to no airflow.

    Some PC GPUs have done this for a while, it does impact performance, but this is no doubt a last resort, the heatsink combined with the fan will no doubt be enough for anyone who has good airflow around their console.

  5. Sounds like they’ve learnt their lesson from the 360.

    • What lesson exactly? Xbox360 owners rewarded them by buying multiple replacements. All those fat sweaty Microsoft execs were laughing all the way to the bank.

      Why do you think they wouldn’t pull the same stunt again? it clearly worked last time around.

      • Learnt their lesson by implementing a system to prevent overheating, and in turn damage to the console and spend a lot of money repairing them. Remember RRoD was repaired for free, whereas Sony charged £131 for ps3 repairs. Hope that’s clarified it for you.

      • The RRoD fiasco cost Microsoft around $1.5 billion so I’m sure they wanted to learn from that and hopefully have.

      • @Starman
        MS didn’t replace all the RROD for free. They extended the warranty by 1 year to 2. If you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to have an Xbox last that long then you were screwed. I was lucky as I had one for 3 months, went traveling for over a year, played it again for a month then RROD. Just about within the 2 year period.
        It does seem strange to advertise this as it doesn’t make the XBone look good, more than MS screwed up last time for NOT doing this.

      • @bunimomike

        How much money did they make from users that didn’t qualify (or know) about the RROD free repairs? A large quantity failed outside the terms (which were very specific), outside the period (1yr), and many users were unware, my neighbours bought 3 replacements, before I told them about it.

        Yes is cost Microsoft money, but the braindead idiot gamers carried on buying replacements, and Microsoft made alot of that money back on sales of replacements.

      • @HG if you seriously believe they’d release a faulty console believing everyone would just buy replacements rather than get it repaired then I don’t think there’s any point me debating this with you any longer.

        ps please refrain from the “brain-dead, idiots etc type insults.

      • @Starman Why are you one of the braindead idiots? If not, you have nothing to worry about with regards to name calling.

        What would YOU call someone that goes out and replaces their 3rd faulty console with a 4th, and defends it unequivocally?

      • “What would YOU call someone that goes out and replaces their 3rd faulty console with a 4th, and defends it unequivocally?”


        While not defending the decisions that created the RRoD movement, or anything that MS did or didn’t do to fix it, pretty much every 360 owner knew that 1) RRoD was real and 2) the 360 had an extended warranty for several specific RRoD causes. Mind you, not every RRoD was caused by overheating., so not every RRoD was covered by the extended warranty.

        Say what you want about other people but, anybody who buys something knowing its going to break and then buys another is, IMO, dedicated. Every 360 owner I know brags about how many 360s they “broke” like some badge of loyalty. And if people are willing to buy and re-buy a product again and again, it says more about the overall product then the intelligence of the people who are buying it

      • @HG my point is people usually can make their point on this site without throwing insults out. If you cant do that I recommend you go elsewhere. And I don’t even know anyone who has had 3-4 360’s. What do they do with the broken ones, surely you’d get them fixed for free instead of buying another.

    • The free repairs stopped many years ago, but the failure continued. Anecdotal numbers suggest 60% failure rates and 50% of those being pay replacements according to squaretrade.

      You only have to look at the size of the Xbox defection to see the problem new coming to a head

  6. Brown Ring of Lag?

    Seriously though, it is a good feature. I’d rather suffer slight performance loss occasionally than having the inconvenience of having to trudge through the melted console exchange process.

  7. So the xb1 is going to be really loud. The 360 was bad enough. I can tell that the console will either have performance issues caused by dialling back CPU speed etc or sound like a vacuum cleaner when stressed.

    On a positive note, Sony have confirmed that the PS4 runs cooler than the PS3. So it will be much quiter without having to lose performance.

    Barely a day goes by without something making me not want a xb1.

  8. I think people are overestimating how often the fan will kick in. I’ve played plenty of 360 lately on some very hot days and the fans never turned on once.
    Its just a failsafe, very much doubt the fan will be going all the time.

  9. I honestly thought that by time the 360 Slim arrived (casing basically 1 big vent), MS were on the ball a bit more when it came to sorting out the issues of cooling, but no, clearly not.

    The Xbox One features yet another bloody power brick to trip over/try and hide behind something and now best they can do is have it ‘dial back the power’ (so looking forward to messages popping up that Xbox has had to quit application, please wait until internal temp.drops to minimum safe level’ and the fan goes up to such a speed you fear the damn thing will wrench itself loose, go flying across the room and gut the cat etc….

    The more and more i hear about the Xbox One, the more i’m thinking it’d take the 2nd coming in terms of software line up, to get me anywhere near it.

  10. I’m thinking getting the PS4 and wait a year or 2 until the xb1 gets a redesign or has its faults fixed.

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