Dragon’s Crown Releasing In Europe October 11th

NIS America has confirmed that Atlus’ 2D side scrolling RPG, Dragon’s Crown, will be releasing on the PS3 and PS Vita in Europe on October 11th. The game has gained quite the attention, though not all of it positive due to the physical portrayals of the female characters in the game.


Dragon’s Crown seems to have done well critically in the US, with the metacritic scores sitting at 83 and 91 for the PS3 and Vita respectively.

Source: NIS America



  1. Is there any DLC planned? Because if not, then you might as well import if you want to get your hands on it. Both the ps3 and vita are region free.

    I actually thought it was out here already, but come to think of it it was on the US store I saw it.

  2. Man I’ve been looking forward to an eu release date for ages!

  3. Looks good. Was looking for some info on Persona 4 and every kept mentioning this and saying how they’re the 2 best games on the vita

  4. That rating slide has a misspelling. I wonder if they are all like this :)

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