GameStop Offering The Best GTA V Pre-Order Deal

This is hardly news, but with all the buzz surrounding Rockstar’s upcoming sequel, we thought we’d share the best pre-order deal currently available to punters.

It may have its claws firmly dug into the state-side market, though here in the UK GameStop isn’t really a go-to retailer when it comes to one’s gaming needs. However, the firm’s current pre-order deal for GTA V will no doubt reel in a number of prospective buyers before the game launches in September.


For £39.97, you can pre-order the game and its bonus blimp DLC. For no additional charge you can also opt for a trade-in envelope, the crucial piece of the puzzle.

By sending back two games from a selected list of titles, GameStop will refund £35 of the total cost. There’s around 200 games on the list, some of which are two -nearly 3- years old.

You don’t even need to sign up with GameStop to be entitled to offer, with guest account pre-orders working just fine.

Even without the trade-in incentive, it’s still one or two quid cheaper than most outlets.



  1. I’ve been reading the T&C’s but couldn’t find my answer. Does anyone know if the games have to be for the same console as the one you’re buying GTA on? I assume it’s just any 2 games from the list regardless of format, but I want to be sure.

    Going to have a scout around on ebay later to see what’s cheapest.

    • I would assume any two games on the list, regardless of console.

    • “Does anyone know if the games have to be for the same console as the one you’re buying GTA on?”

      You should be fine; After all there are some Wii, Wii U and DS games on the list and I’m sure GTA isn’t coming out on any of those platforms :)

  2. Stangely they list GTA V (913903) as part of the trade in list?

  3. Wonderful deal, thanks TSA!! I’ll preorder tonight.

  4. Going to pass on this offer and put all my eggs in the Supermarket release day offer basket

  5. I’ve looked through the list of titles and hand picked a couple of likely cheap titles…

    Formula 1 2011 (F1) 3D 3DS – £7.85
    Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (PS3) – £16.85
    Total £24.70

    Trade them in and get £10:30 off the game. Not sure it’s worth the hassle for a tenner.

    • There are much cheaper alternative games to trade in. The Sly Collection? Arkham City? Even game’s like Far Cry 3 go for next to nothing on eBay sometimes.

  6. Wow, you can trade PS3 versions of GTA IV and GTA EFLC – both which I got on PC as well!

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