Hotline Miami 2 Confirmed For PS4 & Vita?

There’s no doubt that Hotline Miami has quite the following. When the title landed on the Vita Alex wrote about how it became his favourite game on the Sony handheld.

The popular retro styled title getting a sequel called Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and it had been listed as coming to the PS Vita and PS4 alongside the PC, Mac and Linux on the Youtube description. However, the description has since been edited with the PS4 and Vita listings removed.

What was also interesting was the lack of PS3, which could mean either Hotline Miami 2 won’t release on it, or the now non existent description was wrong. We’ve contacted Devolver Digital about the listing, so hopefully we’ll learn something soon.

Source: Youtube



  1. I’m not buying a PS4 to play games like this.

  2. I’m buying a PS4 to play games like this.

  3. I’m buying a PS4 to…
    A: play games like this
    B: not play games like this

  4. I’m buying a PS4 to play all varieties of games.
    Playing only one genre or only blockbuster titles is a sure fire way to lose interest.

  5. I’m not buying a PS4 (at launch) might get HM2 on the Vita though. Not played the first one yet, waiting to see if the price drops or it comes on PS+

  6. Seriously though – loved this game on the Vita, and looking forward to seeing if they develop it further.

    Starting to wonder whether I should be upgrading the PS4’s HDD before I even turn it on at launch.

    • This is my dilemma also i have a spare 1tb hdd and wonder weather to place it in the PS4 straight away,i just wonder if it will be as easy as when i put my other 1tb hdd in the PS3 which has been close to full on several occasions so could do with the bigger hdd to be on safe side,and also if the firmware will be available on the website day one don’t want to brick PS4 day one.

  7. I’m buying a PS4, probably eventually to play some games which have similar visuals to this, but with a less frustrating play mechanic.

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