Xbox One: Delayed Nations To Get Free Games

Following on from the recent news that some European countries would see a delayed launch for the Xbox One, Microsoft have offered an olive branch to those who won’t get a native release this year.

Whilst those in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland can always import a console, through a lack of region coding, they won’t see a localised operating system, and so would not have an optimal experience. In an effort to compensate those who are pre-ordering the Day One edition of the machine, Microsoft issued the following statement to us with regards to rumoured pack-in games:

We understand this is disappointing news to our fans in those markets. To show our appreciation for their patience, customers who have already preordered an Xbox One Day One system before today in those countries will also receive a pack-in game with their system when it launches.  (Subject to availability; see your local retailer where you preordered for complete details.)

NeoGAF is currently pointing to images which suggest that this would a choice between Forza 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals, according to a leaked email. Hopefully full details of this will be made available soon, presumably at Gamescom.

Via NeoGAF.



  1. So that’s a choice of… Forza 5 then.

  2. Meanwhile, PS4 customers will be getting free games every month with the PS+ service, and of course a brand spanking new console.

    Happy waiting y’all!

    • Not forgetting DriveClub too. Or most of it anyway.

  3. I think a fare few of the folk with pre-orders in those countries will have bought a PS4 instead by the time the X1 is released.

  4. Better than nothing.

  5. Nice gesture by Microsoft. They didn’t have to give a game away. And the games haven’t been announced yet officially so could be anything

  6. Albert Panello advised delayed nations to import a console.

  7. Considering Microsofts track record in terms of the quality of their free games – in compensation of gaffs or free games promotions, people shouldn’t hold out much hope of receiving anything other than mediocre games.

  8. Title says: “Xbox One: Delayed Nations To Get Free Games”
    They are offering 1 game(not games) and only to those who pre-ordered day one edition.

    I just don’t see why they would make a difference between those who pre-ordered the DAY-ONE edition and the rest? This would certainly piss off people who didn’t order the day one edition.

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