Community Round-Up: 17/08/13

Gamescom is only a matter of days away now, and I think we can expect to see a big push from Sony and lots of grovelling from Microsoft – maybe with another U-turn thrown in for good measure!

There were plenty of big articles this week, though, so let’s see what TSA has been up to, in this week’s Community Round-Up!

CRU Banner - comps worms

TSA has gone worm crazy this week. Those pesky worms have taken to hiding in the banner images of several articles posted over the last two days. If you manage to spot them all, and help us rid ourselves of the wriggling little tikes, you could win yourself a code for Worms Revolution or Worms Reloaded on a platform of your choice – including PS3, 360 and PC via Steam!

Secondly, Duffbox gave you the chance to win some snazzy Worms plushy toys and keyrings over the last week. It was the same format as the first Picture This competition, but this time it focused on well-known Game Fonts. The results should be posted sometime today, as the competition closed last night.

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Sadly, we’ve nothing planned for the TSA Meets right now. Maybe it’s the lull in releases we’re having right now, but hopefully we’ll see Vandix’s Killzone bootcamp and sanmartinez’s Battlefield Meet appear soon.

If not, you can always add your own Meet to the list, providing you’ve got more than 250 TSA Points.

CRU Banner - article - splinter cell

We’ve had quite a few reviews on TSA this week, I’m pleased to say. Firstly, we’ve got Tuffcub’s 8/10 review for DuckTales Remastered, while Kris did a hardware review for the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Headset.

Meanwhile, Stefan looked at Ibb & Obb alongside bunimomike, giving it another 8/10, before turning to Worms: Clan Wars, which received a 7/10. You can also check out his interview about the game with Gavin Hood.

Continuing the Worms theme, Stefan played Worms 3 in this week’s first Mobile Watch, while Jim looked at Deep Dungeons of Doom. Jim went on to give a 5/10 to the F2P game, Spartacus Legends. The second DLC pack for Dishonored, The Brigmore Witches, received 8/10 from Aran.

The first of the two big ’uns this week was Splinter Cell: Blacklist, in which Peter thought Sam Fisher and Fourth Echelon were deserving of an 8/10. Secondly, Blair thought the laugh-out-loud moments of Saints Row IV were a little hit and miss at times, giving the game a 7/10. If you’ve got a million dollars lying around, then you could pick up ‘The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition’, or you can check out what other things Adam suggests you could do with the money.

The first Preview this week was from Stefan, who looked at the upcoming PC-based point and click adventure, Memoria. We’ve got another Greg on the staff team now, so we’ll continue the tradition and call him GregToo. In his inaugural article, he shared his thoughts on Bioshock Infinite’s recently released DLC, Clash in the Clouds.

Looking at the community articles, the Chronicle showcased Feature Editor Jim’s gaming rig, and Dead Space 3’s verdict was to rent it, rather than buy it. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the next game to get the WeView treatment.

Aran was busy as usual this week, looking at Fight Night Champion in a Matter of Perspective, and then Rayman Origins in PlayBack. Oh, and TSA’s Top 100 of 2013 Recap has come to an end; if you missed any of them then check them out on this page here.

Finishing up in the usual way, there’s What We Played #118 from Greg and Newsdesk Episode #8 from Josh. Kev’s absent from the Podcast this week, leaving just the original trio in Episode 108.

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The Forums are again looking quite busy, with lot’s of discussion, which is great to see!

  • Frostface has a thread for anyone who’s picked up Payday 2.
  • GTOWN asks you what’s your Ultimate Game? Just pick a favourite character, storyline and soundtrack and there you have it!
  • Similarly themed, Duffybox asks what would be your Dream Game?
  • Dar-Kaus asks What’s In A Name, and wants you to divulge the mysterious reasons behind your usernames.
  • Mcphatty asks which adverts have you seen that contain unintentional filth?

Phew, I didn’t realise how busy TSA had been this week until I started to write this! It’s likely to get even busier with Gamescom next week, but luckily I won’t be here next weekend! I’m sure I’ll be leaving you in capable hands though, and I’ll see you next time – bye!



  1. A surpringly busy week yeah! I think I need a lie down. Nice to have another week without talk of football, I guess that won’t last much longer. Did anyone watch Mo?

  2. There will be a monday GT5 meet as per usual, as it’s the usual suspects that turn up, there’s not much need to set up an official meet on here, it’s folk law round these parts!
    Hopefully manors new BluRay drive will have arrived and replaced the dodgey disc cruncher that resides within….host duties and a damn fine driver! ;)

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