GameStop Lists CoD: Ghosts For Vita

The Spanish wing of GameStop has listed a version of Call of Duty: Ghosts for Sony’s handheld. So far, nothing has been confirmed about the Vita version, but given that it’s coming to all current and next generation home consoles, it could be making its way to the system.

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Gamescom is in just two days time, so if we’re going to hear anything about it, we’ll find out then. The game is out in November though, so it’s quite late into development if true, surely.

Now, if this was Tesco I’d be taking this as very likely, as they were the ones who initially leaked Ghosts. But it’s GameStop, who have a history of listing nonsense, such as recently with Assassin’s Creed Rising Phoenix.

It’s an interesting one, anyway, and it’ll be good to see that if it does exist, whether it’s another poorly made spin-off like Black Ops II: Declassified, or a down-specced version of the full game.

Maybe it’s true and, in that case, it shouldn’t be declassified just yet.



  1. Unless Activision are in receipt of a bounty from Sony I really can’t see them making a full version for Vita and instead if anything does appear for Vita it will most likely be something like Declassified.

    Sony need to get the Vita in more users hands to attract 3rd parties to bring big budget titles to the platform, else they just don’t get their investment back.

    Sony need to lead the way though & hopefully we’ll hear more about that over the next day or two.

  2. Id welcome an version of CoD to Vita, despite terrible reviews Delassified shipped cosiderably well an moved a few thousand units, and with a half decent version of CoD it could be a system seller.

  3. Surely the Vita isn’t powerful enough to handle the advanced fish technology?

  4. People said Declassified (and AC Liberation) would be Vita’s big system seller last year that would get the console started, but it never happened.

    I just can’t see Activision wanting to waste time and money on the console again.

    • They didn’t. Sony paid for vita black ops

      • Did they?! Jesus, Sony must of only paid them a tenner, maybe that would explain why it was so bad!

  5. I can’t help but think Sony are missing a trick here. Pay Activision to make a vita COD that links to the PS4 version.

    I’m not talking cross play multiplayer, just one profile that lets you rank up by playing either version of the game. Their are enough COD addicts out there that would snap up the chance to unlock the next perk or level up their gun during their lunch break.

    It would sure as hell sell a few Vitas if the sold with a bundled copy of the game.

  6. Lets hope its either been given to Guerilla to do…….. or the devs have at least spent some time with them and learnt how to do a FPS on vita!#

    Both highly unlikely

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