Vita Redesign Rumours Surface – 6.3″ Screen, Doubled RAM

With just dozens of hours to go until Gamescom, the rumours are heating up. According to Magic Box, the Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai is reporting that there could be a Vita redesign in September – a Vita XL of sorts.

They say it’ll have a 6.3 inch screen, which is much bigger (and probably much more uncomfortable) than the current 5 inch screen, with the same resolution of 960×554. Apparently the RAM will increase to 1GB – which isn’t something we’ve really seen before with systems – so that more programs will be able to run in the background (multiple games at once, perhaps?), but the RAM the games have access to will stay the same.


Oh, and it’ll be more in-line with the PS4 design, so expect harsh, angled edges for maximum comfort!

Here’s the thing, though – DualShockers have looked into it and Magic Box’s source doesn’t actually exist, on the internet at least. The rumour doesn’t really make that much sense in the first place, an increase in RAM and screen size (with the already large screen) is extremely odd.

So, the ‘newspaper’ is actually a University in Tokyo. Perhaps its a student newspaper, then? How would they have access to this information?

Or maybe Magic Box got a bit mixed up – there’s actually a weekly magazine named Toyo Keizai, which could be where their source is from. But without actual proof, this rumour doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Perhaps we’ll find out in about 48 hours time at Sony’s Gamescom conference.



  1. I hope not. I’ve only just bought a Vita!

    • Not sensible to buy hardware just before the major game expos. If there is a price cut or design refresh that’s usually when they’re announced!

      Hope they don’t price cut the vita for your sake mate.

      • Let’s hope not. Luckily I got a pretty good deal on it from Amazon with 10 games on a memory card. Only downside is, like most handhelds, my hands cramp up within minutes. Downside of having large hands I suppose!

  2. Can’t imagine such a spec change relativey so soon after launch. Guess we’ll find out soon, though.

  3. Get really bad cramps from Vita after only a very short time (can’t help wondering if I should have waited for Nvidia Shield instead) so a larger screen may help and the XL model has certainly helped the 3DS go from strength to strength.

    More RAM? That would be bizarre.

    Although Sony should have took the hit and gone 1GB at launch anyway, phones will hit 4GB late this year or certainly by next Spring and while the Vita can be coded much closer to ‘the metal’ – 512MB with 128MB for video will be pretty limiting over the life of the system.

    Can’t see Sony increasing RAM and splitting the user-base though.

  4. I’m not buying this. Both the rumor and the console :p

    • Me niether, doesn’t seem to be the right time to bring out a redesign as most folk will be spending their cash on a PS4.

  5. The ram increase really isn’t that bewildering, the PSP saw its ram double to 64mb with the introduction of the Slim.

  6. Such stupid changes, any bigger and the Vita is hardly portable and with a lower ppi, it won’t look as good. It’ll also be more tireing to hold.

    You can already do some multitasking like Skype and webbrowsing whilst gaming, I don’t see the usefulness as I’m sure they can add more features with the current system without the need for increased dev costs .

    What they should be working on is better shoulder buttons, perhaps more travel for the sticks and more comfortable buttons (slightly wider ones please). Increased read speeds, less power consumption and better battery capacity. And a more comfortable shape.

    At least that’s my $0.02.

  7. My Vita went on eBay yesterday. Barely ever used it because there aren’t many games for it and it doesn’t seem high on Sony’s priority list.
    Why I didn’t learn from the PSP I don’t know! At least that had games though!

  8. I’m happy to believe in a new Vita, but not an XL one. I’d put money on a slimmer redesign with a few more features like maybe an HDMI socket and controller pairing over Bluetooth (such an incredible feature, it works beautifully on the PSP Go!).

  9. i’d like to see a Vita with a tv out option, i know they could do it, the versions they use for their press conferences have it.
    i’m guessing those are dev kit features, but they could add that feature to a new retail version.

    i’d like to see the controls moved up a bit too.
    if the Vita is anything like the PSP, then my thumbs are definitely going to suffer.
    my hands, well, they’re not petite, but they’re not huge either, and without any kind of grip add on, with sort of wings that come down like the Dual Shock pads, to hold the machine and use the controls at the same time i have to have my thumbs bent nearly double.

    though i’d imagine that much of a redesign is unlikely, i just have to hope i can find some sort of grip add on when i do get a Vita that makes for a more comfortable experience.

    i know it looks like this rumour is probably false, but i’d still like to see at least a version with tv out at some point.

    • Here’s a snap of the dev Vita, with its HDMI out, in case you haven’t seen it and you’re curious :)

  10. Well this would be a right kick in the nuts for anyone who invested in the vita, including myself.

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