Disney Infinity Launches State-side, First Reviews Are In

Disney’s ambitious new gaming platform is set to launch this Friday here in the UK. For our friends across the pond, however, the first wave of Disney Infinity figures and playsets hit shelves yesterday along with a string of reviews from the US media.


Overall, it’s looking very positive though sales figures won’t be out for a while:

Critics mostly agree that gameplay can be basic and lacks challenge though this isn’t such an issue considering the target market. Each of the three playsets that come in-tow with the starter kit are said to be roughly 4-6 hours in length with plenty of re-playability.

The game’s defining feature, however, is the Toy Box. Here players amass all the props, items, and landmarks collected throughout their adventure to build their own custom levels and challenges.

Another common topic among reviewers is the game’s pricing. As we know, the starter kit is roughly £60 and comes with three figures, a random power disc and the portal required to play Disney Infinity. At first glance it seems like a fair deal though some of the game’s features are seemingly locked behind a paywall. Playing one of the campaigns in co-op, for example, can’t be done with two figures from separate universes. If you want to play Monster University with a pal, you’ll need to go out and buy another compatible figure (Randall or Mike).

We’ll have more on Disney Infinity towards the end of the week.



  1. The stores are packed full of starter kits over here

  2. “If you want to play Monster University with a pal, you’ll need to go out and buy another compatible figure (Randall or Mike).”
    I can see the planning meeting now, an exec mentions the above restriction and the whole project board shout in unison “Pester power!”.

  3. Kids like Disney toys anyway, it’s not a hard sell to persuade kids they want a toy that be used with their game as well.

    Skylanders succeeded with Sypro being the only well know character. Disney has loads of well known characters.

    The game only needed average scorers to get good sales.

  4. I’ll get this for the kids when Ps4 comes out. It will hopefully have had a major price crash by then. It’ll be a good training game for them.

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