Games For Windows Live Marketplace Closing Down

Microsoft has confirmed that the Games For Windows Live Marketplace will be closing down on August 22nd, though the service will continue to exist so people can access games purchased through the service. This is part of the update that will also see Microsoft Points phased out.

This means no Microsoft published GFWL titles will be available to purchase from other digital download services, though other publisher’s titles should be available for the likes of Steam. Purchasing  downloadable content for the games will also vary title by title.

The PC market isn’t being abandoned by Microsoft though, at least I don’t think so, considering the appointment of Jason Holtman, to make Windows a competitive gaming platform. We’ll be sure to hear more about the direction Microsoft are heading when it comes to PC gaming.



  1. For ages, each time I loaded up GTA IV it would ask for the product key, so frustrating! MS, EA (and slightly Ubisoft) could learn so much from Valve and Steam, yet they seem to want to do everything differently ‘just because’. Steam is by no means perfect, but GFWL, Origin and UPlay are simply miles behind.

  2. Well that explains why Batman Arkham Origins isn’t using it. Shame it means no more Xbox achievements from PC games though. Does this mean that Fallout 3 will stop pestering me each time I load it up?

  3. The marketplace is something I haven’t went on to for years. Windows 8 was the final nail of the coffin for GWFL so its no surprise that its away. Its a shame the servers still exist for the games, once they’re gone. My time in Dark Souls and any other game would be a waste.

  4. Stupid piece of software, always was. Updated never worked and you have to spend ages finding a workaround to patch your games manually or GFWL would just stay in an update loop.

  5. Can see them launching a full Steam rival in the future, but they’ll tie together WP, Win8 (full PC), Win8 (modern UI), Win RT & Xbox under one conjoined superstore and you’ll see different parts of the store depending what device you’re using but will still have access to manage other purchases.

  6. This was always such a pain in the ass to use. I remember buying Dawn of War II and having to jump through so many hoops just to get the game working thanks to GFWL.

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