New Puppeteer Trailer Drills Home Japan Studio’s Illustrious Past

I played Puppeteer at E3 this year. I had to stand in frankly inhumane levels of heat, with my heavy bag pulling my aged spine further out of alignment and someone else’s sweaty ears having already despoiled the headphones I was wearing. I’d still do it again for the ten minutes I got to play. It was fantastic.


Well, time marches ever onward and the game’s release is just a few weeks away. It seems that the folks over at PlayStation want you all to remember just how innovative and imaginative the studio that’s making Puppeteer has been. The trailer above runs you through a number of genre-defying videogames that have come out of Studio Japan – alongside some quotes from a few media outlets that extoll the virtues of the studio.

Puppeteer is coming on September 13th to PlayStation 3 as part of an end-of-year release schedule that seems set to ensure that there’s plenty to keep you tied to your PS3, even as the PS4 looms large on the horizon.



  1. I love the originality of Japan Studios games, they always deliver a special gaming experience.

    Now, if only they could deliver The Last Guardian too…

  2. Cannot wait to see how this turns out. Been following it from the beginning and it’s given me nothing but faith in the diversity we can see in video games.

  3. Lot’s of my favourites in there and i’m looking forward to Puppeteer too.

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