Ubisoft Reveals Child Of Light, Hides Information About Rumoured Fighter Within

It appears Ubisoft has two new next generation titles in the works, with one having been confirmed while the other is the stuff of rumours.

Let’s start with the confirmed title first of all which is called Child Of Light. It will be a 2D side scrolling title using the Ubi Art Framework engine, the same engine that was used in Rayman Origins. Apparently it has taken inspiration from classic JRPGs such as Final Fantasy VI, as well as games like Limbo.

It is being headed up by Far Cry 3’s creative director Patrick Plourde, and it slated for next gen consoles, though platforms haven’t been confirmed. However, it will not be available on mobile devices.

Fighter Within, on the other hand, is currently a rumoured that appears to be a next gen title with an emphasis on the Xbox One and the Kinect. The official page was quickly take down but Google cached the page (via Fusible). The website states that Fighter Within will feature things like real time wounds, and it appears it will also have a multiplayer element too.

It’s likely we’ll hear more during gamescom, and, if it’s an Xbox One exclusive, Microsoft’s conference is the likely place to see it.

Source: Videogamer/Fusible