WeView Verdict: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This is going to be a fairly short article this week with only three responses to our Metal Gear Rising WeView -which is surprising considering it was marginally the most voted for in the previous week’s poll. Perhaps no-one had played it and just wanted to see some more opinions?

It seems this way, going by ron_mcphatty‘s comment, who hasn’t “played this yet” as he doesn’t “like hack and slash as a genre”, though he does make an exception for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He said he’d “definitely give it a try” though, due to his massive man-crush on Kojima, and that he’s looking forward to see everyone’s thoughts.


Well, Ron, you might be a bit disappointed as everyone didn’t share their thoughts, with only 2ofclubs and Megamoppy on board to share their opinions of Revengeance.

2ofclubs kicked it off by describing the game as a “fun, frantic game of swords and machines that’s over far too fast”, which is a really nice way of putting it, before concluding with “The replay value is very limited, even with the included virtual missions, but it’s worth experiencing nevertheless.”

I’d agree – there are some awesome moments but it’s really only something you want to experience once. Although, now that I’ve sold the game on I’d love to have it back to play that brilliant JetStream Sam fight once again… that’s one of my favourite Metal Gear moments.

Megamoppy “adored” the game, being one of us Raiden fans. He described the cutting mechanic as “very well implemented” and said that a “special mention” had to go to the epic battles against bosses, which were “fantastic overblown affairs with absolutely brilliant music”.

Oh yeah. I need to buy the soundtrack (or track it down on Spotify now) as I forgot how awesome it was.

This leaves us with just two ratings: one Rent It from 2ofclubs due to its short replay value and a Buy It from Megamoppy, due to the brilliance of the cutting mechanics, the incredible boss battles and the euphonic sound. It’s all good then.

We’ve got PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for tomorrow’s WeView, which hopefully more of you will find some time to respond to! That means it’s replaced by Thomas Was Alone on the list, following the announcement of Mike Bithell’s new game, Volume. Injustice and LEGO LotR stay in their place as they surprisingly received the same amount of votes, with Resident Evil 6 staying too.



  1. I’m heroically disappointed Blair, but I think I’ll live :) I think I will the game since I’ve now committed to waiting until early 2014 to hop on the next gen bandwagon and Megamoppy’s comments about the production values reminded me why I liked the look for Rising in the first place. My wish list is being thinned out now, Rising moves up to fourth and last spot!

    • Watch the trailer in the post if you haven’t already, that shows the production values perfectly.

  2. I haven’t played the game but that trailer just bumped it up a few places on my ‘to buy’ list. It’s a shame there weren’t more responses.

  3. The music is available on spotify, i’d recommend Collective Consciousness and It has to be this way. The opening mission alone has one of best looking boss fights i’ve seen and the setting of the Jet Stream Sam battle was beautiful.

    Yeah I loved this game =P

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