“Gladiators” Co-Op Announced For Xbox One Exclusive, Ryse

Crytek and Microsoft have announced online co-op for upcoming Xbox One launch title, Ryse: Son of Rome. Dubbed “Gladiator Mode” the brutal multiplayer component will drop two warrior into an array of fully-customisable arenas.

Inspired by the Roman’s recreation of epic battles, there are 11 maps in total, each with their own interactive “tile sets”. As shown in the gameplay video, environments will occasionally morph, revealing new traps and obstacles as more enemies are filtered into the melee.


Gladiators can also be customised using a range of weapons and armour. Other multiplayer conventions are also at hand with XP being used to increase your fighter’s prowess as well as consumable items.

Crytek also outlined the game’s combat system. When revealed at E3, Ryse looked the part but many were quick to criticise its combat, calling it out as inorganic and QTE-heavy.

The developer assures fans that this isn’t the case. Ryse will sport a combat system that looks similar to Batman’s rhythmic close-quarter clashes, players needing to their actions to enable a deadly string of attacks.

Executions were also further outlined and play a key part in multiplayer. Using the game’s perk system, you can choose how your warrior is rewarded if they successfully pull off one of Ryse’s bloody finishers. This reward can be bonus XP, attack damage, or even health.

Personally, I wasn’t enthused at all when Ryse made its re-appearance at E3. However, this latest addition has really piqued my interest.

Source: XBOX Wire