Leaked Video Shows Ubisoft’s Fighter Within On Kinect

Yesterday we reported that Ubisoft were trying to hide information on Fighter Within. Well now we have some leaked footage of the title, and it doesn’t look too great yet.

۞ by AGBLeaks

There appears to be some lag between player input and the actions on the screen. Whether this is down to the Kinect, or if it is to do with the game’s coding is hard to tell. This does seem to confirm the game will be an Xbox One exclusive though.

Microsoft’s conference is currently going on so we’ll probably hear more in a bit.

Source: AllGamesBeta


The official trailer has been released, confirming the game as a One exclusive.



  1. Worst… game… ever.

  2. Kinect still has lag = no surprises.

    This looks fucking terrible aswell.

  3. Thank fuck it’s not on PS4!

  4. Oh wow, it looks like they are just jumping around in front of a video.

  5. Official trailer looks great, the reality however looks poor.
    Can motion gaming please do one.

  6. That looks wank!

  7. The devs need to realise the average person doesn’t have the fitness for all this shoryukening etc.. This is why we have control pads.

  8. even without the lag, that looks bloody awful.

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