PlayStation 4 Release Date Is November 15th in America, 29th in Europe

Sony has wrapped up its Gamescom stage show with a firm release date for the PlayStation 4.

First, they announced some little price cuts for the PS3 basic 12GB model. Then they outlined the cross-generation deals that net you digital versions CoD: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs on PS4 at a significant discount if you’ve already bought the PS3 version. They talked about how the Vita would allow remote play of any PS4 game and how that would reinvigorate the handheld.

But we were itching for that date so thankfully it wasn’t long until Andrew House – via a couple of sly digs at Microsoft’s flip-flopping – got to the point.

The PlayStation 4 has over a million pre-orders already and will launch in 32 countries during this holiday season. The date? 15th November in North America and 29th November in Europe.


  1. Thought it was going to be earlier but, hey, I’m a happy bunny. Right then, where’s my works holiday request form…

  2. The day after my birthday in Europe which is awesome! The fact that I probably won’t be able to afford it until at least Christmas – less awesome. The fact I have exams straight after Christmas – just cruel.

    • Exams can resat!

      • “Exams can resat!” Are you going to resit your English exam?

      • ooops.I meant can be resat.

  3. Sounds perfect for me, with all the games on PS3 and Wii U, I’m in no rush.

  4. That’s about when I expected, but the October rumours had built my hopes up. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s not a unified date, but hey-ho, the states can be the ones that find all those release day bugs so we don’t have to.

  5. Guess thats the xmas present sorted for the wife

  6. I think that XBOX One will have the UK. With a free FIFA 14, earlier release date, the price (if you include the price of FIFA 14 on next gen) difference is not significant. Again though, for me, I will not be getting either until at earliest, Summer 2014. There’s no point in getting the first gen consoles as they have notoriously been faulty and come with a small amount of games, of course.

    • Only if gamers are the same braindead idiots that bought Xbox at launch last time.

      The reality is, The PS4 is better spec and still cheaper when you buy a PS4 and FIFA. Only a total retard would buy into a forced game bundle of a lower spec machine that costed more, had a more restrictive online and a bad karma about it.

      • Amen!

      • “total retard?” I’m politely asking you to calm your offensive language.

      • I suppose that makes sense but it was just a thought as I said. FIFA is the biggest game, I feel, in the UK and by giving the general public that game they will start to see value in the XBOX One’s price. Think about what the public sees – both consoles are exactly the same on the specs in the shops but the XBOX One will come with a free game and a camera.. It’s the psychology of picking the highest priced objects as the better of two similar products. You can buy a preowned console for significantly cheaper than a new one and despite the fact they both work exactly the same, people will more often choose the new one.

        If you want me to list my sources, I can’t as I’m just picking things from my head so if you want to argue against me then I’m not going to argue back as my point being out there is all I wanted.

        As a gamer, PS4 has no pull for me to get on day one as I feel that most can be downloaded to my account via PS+ until the day I do get one. I will wait to see what Naughty Dog have to offer in the future as for now all the games I want tot play are going to be on PS3. The same is true with the XBOX One but because I’m not an XBOX owner (I do have one in the house but I play PS3 only) I guess the premise of playing about on the Kinect is more interesting the scrolling my fingers across the PS4 controller (PS4 controller I think is certainly a highlight, aesthetically) and with the free FIFA I won’t have to bother about my brother’s needs as he plays it constantly on XBOX 360.

      • He has a point though to be fair. Xbox One is such a backwards step.

    • I imagine most people who play FIFA are school kids so there’s no way they (or their parents) will run out and buy a brand new £400+ console for a free game when they can get it earlier and cheaper on current gen. And if they don’t pre-order a new console and wait till christmas, they wont get the free game anyway.

    • Nah, it won’t. I can see PS4 being more popular in UK.

  7. Awesome i’ll take 2 weeks off work for my holiday :)

    And then 3 weeks later xmas ps4 cometh and will give me time to catch up on my ps3 backlog – vita games and beyond.

  8. That date works for me!

  9. Doesn’t leave many dates for Microsoft

  10. So again Europe isn’t a priority for Sony.

    • A 2 week delay between the markets isn’t really major problem, is it?

      • Not for me, I’m not buying one!

      • Yes it is we had 8 years of draconian region system by Sony name SCEE what did SCEE brought us over the years in the ps3 life cycle.

        1- delay of games or no games at all [counter strike]

        2- SCEA gets better ps1 classics were we get shovel ware tripe.

        3- it took SCEE over 7 years & Square Enix’s bought out edios to give EU all tomb raider games that was made in uk but USA had no problem getting it quicker even thought core design went bankrupt.

        4- I pre-order the Ps4 thinking maybe Sony will ditch mutil-region system to be transparent more but the release date tells me otherwise it won’t be same inferior service.

        That why I never believe such rot in my whole life if license & localise is the issue SCEA would have a hard time getting those tomb raiders because of them going bankrupt so they have hard time like us having bad time getting imports like my mum says it goes 2 ways.

      • alistair6969 – To be fair, Tombraider 5 still isn’t on the US store. Nor is AOD, or a non PSP Legends/anniversary.

    • Releasing in all of Europe unlike Microsoft.

      Stop baiting.

      • Not baiting, its just the truth. Any long term gamer knows Sony always shaft Europe. Look at how incompetent SCEE are.

      • Not as bad as Microsoft, who have actually delayed their console in key European countries.

        Stop being a fanboy and only seeing one side of things.

    • In all fairness, Sony has a lot of ground to claw back in North America so I completely understand what they’re doing. Not just that but we only have to wait two weeks which is fine.

      As closely fought Europe has been, Sony gain to win a lot of ground if they go in hard with North America. The yanks are suitably loyal to their home-grown console so it makes sense that Sony hits there first. Equally, they’re launching in 32 countries? It’s a huge release compared to the Xbox One which is to be commended.

      • That’s ridiculous. Sony are launching in 32 countries whereas the XBone is 13 (i think?). That is a massive difference, and one that will harm MS in the long run I think. You can’t just shaft 19 countries, no matter how ‘small’ they may be considered in terms of a consumer base for the console.

      • Well North America over the years did not ned claw back they were just fine look on they PSN store to ours.

        It is us EU need to claw back over 8 years SCEA only cover North America, Mexico, Canada in another interview SCEE does know our hard feelings & try to resolve the issue why EU sucks when it comes to content.

        So maybe the ps4 was the way but maybe not.

        As for the Xbox delays it delay for all as they found a fault to the Xbone micro chips.

      • Sony definitely needs to increase its percentage of the American market compared to this gen. As a consumer, the US is incredible. As a media provider, the globe consumes a stunning amount of USA-grown produce. The PSN store over there might be lovely but the hardware sales figures were the weakest of the three regions.

        For someone who felt stung about a six months delay (PS3 launch in the UK), a two week delay feels like nothing.

        Finally, it means that they’ll have the PS4 in American stores for a little while before Black Friday too. Great momentum leading up to that can really help sales.

      • Agreed 2 weeks difference is nothing compared to the past release schedules,and Sony are the one’s shafting people lol thats a good one.

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