Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Maps Will Be Free

Guerrila Games will be launching the latest in its blockbuster franchise later this year on PlayStation 4. While we’ve seen a fair bit of the gorgeous campaign, the game’s multiplayer has remained largely under wraps. Well, until now that is.

The developer confirmed that all post-launch multiplayer maps for Shadow Fall will be completely free.

Instead, premium expansions will come in the form of more customisation option. These are key to the game’s multiplayer experience, Guerrila actively encouraging players to remix and share their own custom game modes by adjusting a variety of elements including point caps and class limitations.

Going into further detail, the developer also outlined its revamped progression system. Though the conventional XP system is still in place, Guerrila will urge players into completing multiplayer challenges with more than 1500 available.

Free multiplayer maps could be a wise move for the studio. A lot of online shooters suffer from fractured player bases after launching map packs.



  1. this is brilliant in my opinion. I will definitely be looking to pick this up. Free DLC is what it’s all about. We all know most companies make these maps before the game is released, so this is excellent news.

  2. Great move and will get them some good PR as the word spreads

  3. very good news, the dlc maps in KZ2 are my favourites in the game, and nobody ever plays them! It’s great that they’ve recognised this and are working on dlc that offers new things to the players but also doesn’t create a rift in the player base

  4. Let’s hope this catches on. Can’t imagine EA or Activision ever doing this, but then they have bigger selling power.

  5. Brilliant. I bet you COD, Battlefield and Halo will never do the same thing. Shame, as this is a good tactic from them for a variety of reasons.

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