PlayStation Mobile SDK Updated, Now Supports PSN Leaderboards

The PlayStation Mobile (PSM) Software Development Kit has been updated, it appears, and the patch notes reveal a very welcome addition indeed – developers can now add PSN wide leaderboards to their games.

The full patch notes are below:

  • The scoreboard feature has been added.
  • Ported LuaInterface to PSM and added the source code and new samples.
  • Improved convenience of creating keys.
  • Added Windows 8 as an official support target of SDK. Removed Windows XP as an official support target of SDK.
  • Supported the multi-user feature added from Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
  • When the application is hidden in Android, the application no longer terminates.

Personally, I love the addition, and the fact we’ll now potentially be able to compete with our PlayStation friends using either our Vita or an Android is just brilliant, and will certainly make lengthy commutes more enjoyable.

Can’t help thinking this has come a little too late for Sony though. PSM still has its problems – most notably the terrible marketplace discovery, and a lack of trophy support – and with the vast majority of half-decent indie devs who’re looking to launch on PlayStation preferring instead to go straight onto the Vita, or PSN stores, it may well have had its (very brief) moment in the sun already.