Xbox One Day One Edition Back In Stock At Amazon

A quick heads-up for our Xbox readers, the Xbox One Day One Edition is back in stock at Amazon UK. It had previously been unavailable, but it seems Amazon have been given extra orders to fulfil.

The Day One Edition includes a free download code for FIFA 14, and is available to pre-order for £429.







  1. I wonder how much of the x1’s perceived low demand is actually down to low stock.

  2. Do we have actual numbers foe x1 pre orders?? Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually better than people seem to be saying.

    • Agreed. What amazes me is when we read utterly incredulous articles (that are actually true) and how little it affects the real-world sales figures.

  3. Well going of Amazon bestsellers so far of 2013 (total sales/pre-orders of this year :) ) they are quite a way’s off ps4.

    #3 – PS4
    #30 – Day 1 Xbone
    #78 – Standard Xbone

    I know it’s just one retailer BUT bear in mind this is total so far this year.
    Even is the US PS4 got more.
    Again bear in mind US/UK are the only two Xbox dominant places.

    • Don’t forget the PS4 pre-orders were counted on the individual SKUs (there were 6 all with different bundled games). The Xbone had two. So the PS4 pre-order is likely to be 4x better than even that suggests.

      If Microsoft are silent on pre-order numbers, then you can bet it’s WAY lower than the million pre-orders that Sony have bagged.

  4. I suspect this is connected to their reduction of launch markets. Diverting stock to their core markets, pretty reasonable business plan if you ask me.

  5. I find it hilarious when Sony claim they’ve sold out of preorders for PS4 in the UK. Does this mean that, on day 1, no stores will actually have any for the public to buy? No queuing for 3 days because, why bother, there’s none available? Doubt it.

    We know Sony and Microsoft won’t release the numbers though, as if one does then the other has to, and then we know who is doing better or worse, and neither wants to be the worse off.

    • Sony: More than 1m pre-orders.
      Microsoft: Tumbleweed.

      • It also suggests the FIFA deal is for a limited time. Until they sold 100 of them or something?

    • Sony have stated that retail stores like Game will have extra stock for launch for people who queue up etc.

  6. Have MS mentioned the release date for the xbone yet?

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