Battlefield 4 Runs at 720p On PS4, Dashes Hopes Of A 1080p Generation

Battlefield 4 will only run at a resolution of 720p on PS4, upscaled to 1080p instead of running at the higher resolution natively. Good news, however, is that the game will manage to keep a “solid” frame rate of 60FPS.


So, it appears as though the PS4 won’t bring the jump up for all games to 1080p that we had expected, at least not at first anyway. It’s not a massive deal considering that the game is a cross generation title, but it is big enough to make a bit of a fuss about.

It was recently confirmed that Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at 60FPS in multiplayer, and that the exclusive first-person shooter will be natively 1080p.

Update: It appears as though Battlefield 4 is actually running at a higher resolution than 720p in the developer environment, and the final resolution will be decided when the game is optimised at launch, so 1080p seems more likely.

That’s not all, however, as IGN describe the visuals as “lacking” on PS4 and state that while it wasn’t quite running at 1080p, it was definitely higher than 720p for the demonstration.

Source: Twitter, via NeoGAF



  1. My HDTV is only 720p so no bother for me! Once it all becomes 1080 or higher I’ll only have to spend more cash!

    • Me too, mines is only a 37 incher and I seem to remember someone saying 1080p was only worth having on the larger screens. All I really wanted was the 64 player limit and we are getting that plus 60fps.
      Almost tempted to get a ps4 on release day now but me and the girlfriend have decided to complete every PS3 game I own first and that is going to take a lot of time. Could even be a little price drop by then.

  2. I think Crytek have shown making something pretty doesn’t guarantee a really enjoyable game.

    These sort of facts like resolution are normally the last thing I look at why choosing a game.

    • But,that’s crytek… and this is DICE, who can do both.

  3. While I’m a firm believer in the graphics-aren’t-everything mantra, surely 1080p should be standard by now?

    I’ll be interested to see what the console versions equivalent quality settings are to the PC version. At 720 it should be pulling off ultra settings, but I’d prefer to see the settings getting knocked down and running at 1080….there’s really not that much difference between ultra and high, and in some cases medium.

    Possibly most annoying if running at 720 remains pretty standard this gen is that it just means devs can be pretty slack on their textures, which for multi-plat PC games can mean playing 1080+ with poor textures.

    It would be nice if we were given the option for console games to choose between a couple of preset graphical/res choices.

  4. Is that the same on the XBox One..?

    To be honest, I think 720 in a game like Battlefield is just fine.

    • Yeah, it’s the same. I don’t know if it’s a case of pandering to the lower specced system here and it having an effect on the PS4 version, or if there’s so much going on in the multiplayer (64 players, 60fps, huge maps, destruction/levolution) that they just couldn’t get 1080p this time. Regardless, it’s still a launch game, so maybe 1080p for BF5?

      Also, most games are still 1080p on this upcoming gen, BF4 is one of the only games to be 720p. And as I’ve said, I think this is because the MP has so much going on.

      • You don’t actually know that it’s the same, you’re just speculating, right?

        There were a lot of reports a couple months ago about PS4 games either not targeting 60FPS or not targeting 720p, where their XB1 counterparts were all targeting 1080p/60.

        It’s not fair to assume that one particular theoretical advantage in favor of the PS4 (additional shader units) will actually translate into a real-world advantage. The XB1 architecture (particularly the more advanced memory model) may very well prove superior.

      • @Brandon

        I’d like to hear about this ‘more advanced memory model’ of the XB1. Last I heard it wasn’t fully Unified like the PS4.

        And 50% more ‘shader count’ is not a theoretical advantage, it’s real. The shader cores do more than just shade, all rendering tasks use them.

        And i haven’t heard these ‘reports’ too.

    • The PS4 and XB1 have similar architecture but with the PS4 being significantly more powerful. It won’t be better on XB1. In fact all multiplat games should be better on PS4. The is no reason for the XB1 to be better.

      • Don’t forget EA are now in a special relationship with Microsoft so nothing would surprise me,especially when it comes to Microsoft and I also saw on a youtube channel a week or so back that EA said the XB1 version would be the definitive version of Battlefield.

  5. I think 60 fps is probably more important than resolution. Its going to look amazing anyway.

  6. I think the frame rate is of most concern, you wont notice much difference between 720 and 1080.

    Good news about Killzone considering yesterday people weren’t sure saying they were aiming for that.

    • Wont notice much difference? Its a massive step up with 1280×720 vs 1920×1080?

      I gotta say I am surprised but still I do agree with you about being more about the frame rate than the resolution for BF.

  7. A bit surprised but this might be more on the devs than the PS4 hardware. With a fairly quick and dirty look at the next gen hardware (for both consoles), Digital Foundry whipped up two PCs of similar spec to the X1 and PS4. Best guesses, I know, but it was an interesting article.

    The “PS4” was running Crysis 3 on max settings at 1080p at around 45 FPS and many comments mentioned the PC still not being powerful enough as they’d not take something into account – I forget what. That bodes well to me.

    Personally, I don’t really mind games being 720p but my TV is 1080p and so is my PC (okay, it’s 1920 x 1200) meaning I’ve enjoyed many games at the higher resolution for quite a while now. The least you’d expect from new hardware is for it to hit, what I feel is, the default settings. Oh well.

  8. 60FPS will be truly wonderful, but I’d prefer them to sacrifice some graphical flair for 1080p. Say, using a lighter form of anti aliasing, reducing ambient occlusion and other small tweaks with little visual difference, but significant performance hits.

    • Basically, current 720p30 PS3 games, upped to 1080p60, sounds good to me.

  9. I think the hope’s still alive, just in this situation EA’s gone for 60fps over 1080p.
    Just dashes the hope of a 1080p60 generation, although, maybe all first party’s will be 1080p? We’ll see.

  10. JackFrags, a neat utube ch.
    720 @ 60fps & 64 players, i’ll take that that.

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