Retro City Rampage Coming To 3DS eShop

The quirky 2D open-world action game, Retro City Rampage – a humorous parody of 80’s & 90’s pop-culture – is coming to Nintendo 3DS, the game’s developer Brian Provinciano has announced.

“Since launching, RCR’s proven to be a huge success, selling over 170K units and moving another 270K on PlayStation Plus,” said Provinciano.

“What came as a surprise to many though was that RCR for PS Vita was the most successful console version. It kind of makes sense, as I’d designed RCR with pick-up-and-play in mind” and so, he continued, “the next logical step” was Nintendo’s handheld.

The “lower resolution and less beefy processor” of the 3DS have meant “significant development work” over and above the games previous ports, and Provinciano states that he’s still “working on the best ways to utilize the bottom screen” with the aim of releasing Retro City Rampage 3DS on the eShop “this holiday season”.

Retro City Rampage is currently available on Steam for PC, PlayStation Network for PS3 & Vita aswell as Xbox Live & WiiWare.

Source: RCR Blog