Win Two Tickets To Eurogamer Expo 2013

With EGX fast approaching, we at TSA can’t wait to see the demos, gameplay and other goodies that will be shown off. There’s no doubt that you can’t wait either but with tickets almost completely sold out, time is running out for those of you who want to experience the excitement of EGX from the packed show floor.

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Luckily, Virgin Media have given us two tickets to award to the winner of our latest competition. If you’d like to be in with the chance of winning two Early Entry, All Day tickets for Saturday the 28th of September you’ll have to predict who’s going to be lining up next to you for a shot on the latest games. Allow me to explain:

Think of a game, say Need for Speed: Rivals. Now think of a fictional character that’d likely be waiting in line to see it, if they were visiting EGX. Sonic the Hedgehog would probably be in the line, since if there’s one character with a need for speed, it’s him.

Entrants should think of one game and one character that would be interested in said game. For example, Palpatine would be lining up to see The Order: 1886 due to his interest in ominous orders, Otacon from Metal Gear Solid would head straight to the line for Titanfall since he’s a little obsessed with mechs.

If you’re still not quite clear on what to do, make sure to ask in the comments and we’ll see if we can help you out. The winner of the competition shall be the one to submit the funniest or most creative pairing of a game and a character excited for said game.

Entries must be in by 23:59 this Saturday the 31st of August and of course our usual Terms & Conditions apply. Enter by typing your answer in the comments, providing your game and character. Explaining why your chosen character would be in the line for your chosen game is optional but can provide an extra opportunity for you to show the genius behind your answer. Good luck!



  1. Rupert Murdoch from “The Sun” newspaper, in line to play Watch_Dogs so he can find out how real hacking can be done.

  2. David Hasselhoff would not only be lining up for this game but drinking and being sick while was doing it and that game is Duke Nukem because he likes a drink…. or two.

  3. master chief crying in line for destiny, wondering why bungie left him to make destiny and betrayed Microsoft

  4. I think Pacman will be lining up to see Thief for tips and tricks for stealing loot without being caught.

  5. At the line for XCOM Enemy Within G-Man from Half-Life 2 would be standing with his briefcase. Because you know…if he doesn’t know aliens then I don’t know who does. And he would pass for a Thin Man any day :p

  6. Ben Affleck queuing up to see Xbox One, as he wants to be sure his attempt at the Dark Knight is categorically a car crash of an event. *Defibs not included obviously*

  7. Raiden from Mortal Kombat lining up to see Injustice: Gods Among Us. He wants to know why Scorpion was included instead of him – an actual god. Injustice!

  8. The NSA (National Security Agency) will be waiting in line to see THIEF, we all know how they like to spy on people and take things without them knowing, but as they’re so bad at it and keep getting caught maybe they can learn a thing or two by playing this game?

  9. Nathan Drake cueing up to see what Square Enix are going to do with that Tomb Raider follow up and to see if he can get Lara’s number…………..lets face it that duo would be epic! Also as there is no mention of Uncharted 4 he will be holding his CV!

  10. The entire roster of Playstation All-Star Battle Royale lining up to see Super Smash Brothers, quietly whispering to themselves “..that could’ve been us” as a solitary tear falls from each of their eyes, and Fat Princess blurts out “..wait, who are we again?”.

    Slowly they start to fade from existence as the world seems to have forgotten them, much like they do Santa Clause by their adolescence. “You gotta believe!” PaRappa the Rapper cries out in a final effort, but his words fall on deaf ears.

    A cloaked Steve Ballmer fills the void in the queue, muttering to himself “OK, I’ve GOT to get this one right.. C’MON”


    (I’m sorry. I’m taking creative writing classes, you see)

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