Ghost Games Taking Over Development Of Need For Speed Series

In an interview with VideoGamer, Marcus Nilsson, Studio Head at Ghost Games, has revealed that the studio has taken control of the Need For Speed brand. Speaking at Gamescom, Nilsson discussed how EA is “now thinking about the brand as Ghost owns it”.

“It cannot go from black to white between Black Box and Criterion” he said. “We’re going to build it, we’re going to build it on Frostbite 3, [and] people will see something they are familiar with every time we release the game. And I think that is the core basis of building a brand; that people know what to expect.” he said. “I think we now have the work of re-establishing that credibility with building the brand. You know, it’s still a really strong brand, absolutely. We just need to make sure people know what to expect when they get it, and Rivals is absolutely the first step toward that.”


Criterion – developers of the acclaimed Burnout Paradise and 2012’s Need For Speed Most Wanted – are known to be heavily involved with Rivals, but asked whether they will be involved with future games to such a degree Nilsson added: “No, you’re not going to see that. Criterion is absolutely helping us out a lot on this game and would we make something next year or whenever we do it, it’s going to be something that is ultimately driven from Ghost.”

Criterion’s next project has yet to be officially announced, but Alex Ward, Creative Director at the studio recently ruled out a new Burnout title, or any other racing game from Criterion – with his involvement at least.

“So many tweets asking for new Burnout. Equally many tweets asking for a new NFS game from us. Also Road Rash.” Ward tweeted back in April “After over a decade of making racing games it’s time to make something new.”

Ghost’s Need For Speed Rivals launches on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 22nd, with PS4 and Xbox One versions to follow. Check out the offical E3 gameplay video detailing the title below.

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  1. I think they should take NFS back to its Underground days. Those games were great and I think it would be a nice change from the last few games.

    As for Criterion, obviously I want a new Burnout but we’re not getting that anytime soon.

    • Totally agree, the underground games were awesome.

    • Yep, the Underground games were far better than the last few games. Even Rivals looks like more of the same Wanted toss.

  2. Good grief, there’s a tonne of things going on in that clip above. Whilst the game is a fairly shallow adrenaline rush, I have to say that I’m impressed with the amount things going on on the screen at any one time.

    The last few years I’ve really moved away from the deep 80+ hours adventures (I’m looking at you FF13) and going simply for the quick-fix games like NFS, CoD, BF3 and FIFA. Maybe I’m just shallow but these games really get me a thrill. The last adventure game I bought (Oblivion) I traded in after about 10 hours of play, far too laborious.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next Criterion game, whatever it is.

  3. Saddens me that there won’t be any more Burnout games. And EA seems to be mishandling NFS, like they’re not quite sure who to give it to, after all wasn’t it just some time back that it was said that Criterion would be taking over NFS?

    And is it just me or does Rivals look like an expansion upon what was in Hot Pursuit?

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