Sony Detail Gaikai Plans – Launching Next Year In US, Coming To PS3 Too

In an interview with EDGE Online, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s CEO Jim Ryan has explained the Gaikai situation, stating that it will launch at first in North America in 2014 on PS4, before heading to Vita and even PS3.

He said, speaking about why Gaikai wasn’t talked about during Sony’s Gamescom conference:


Yeah sure and I’ll tell you why is wasn’t touched upon last night. So the plan is to begin with North America next year and the plan is to provide a streaming service that will allow for PS3 content initially to be streamed to firstly PS4 then PS Vita and then PS3.

Ryan went on to say “that will happen in 2014 in North America initially” before highlighting the poor broadband speeds in Europe, which he says is “on the roadmap” for Gaikai, though they don’t quite have a timeline for it yet. Since Gamescom is for primarily the European audience, that’s why it wasn’t mentioned during the conference.

He followed up that “there’s just a few bumps along the road that need to be ironed out” in regards to the European launch and that while it’ll be “early-ish” 2014 for the US, he has “nothing to say yet” on a date for Europe.

It’s a great interview in full, and he discusses Sony’s plan for “saving” the Vita, as well as the fun they had at Microsoft’s expense during the show.



  1. I guess they can’t justify the cost for localised European servers if those that meet the minimum connection requirements are so few in number.

  2. “the poor broadband speeds in Europe” …. it’s not that bad, there are European countries who has faster average speeds then USA and lots just only a little bit behind. The real challenge, is properly more to do with Europe being many countries, which means higher latency between countries, because of routing.

    • There’s less folk online (% of population) than most of Europe so the servers shouldn’t get overloaded.

    • Actually, average broadband speed in 2012:
      USA: 4.8 Mbps/user
      Europe: 17.6 Mbps/user
      Japan: 61 Mbps/user

      I would like Gaikai to re-explain who’s the slowest broadband speed…

  3. It’s not something i’ll be terribly interested in tbh as i’ll be keeping my PS3 and library of games.

  4. Poor broadband? My 120mbps day different.

    • Say*

      Edit button for us retards please.

    • Yeah, not everyone has that though. I’m out in the countryside and I get 2/3mb, sometimes worse.

      • On a good day I get about 3Mb. Usually it’s 2Mb or less.

        What’s frustrating is a mate who lives less than 3 miles away can get 100Mb

      • Not just that, fella, but the UK is a swine (with cost) to wire up as we’re an island.

        There are thousands of homes without broadband as an option; hundreds of thousands of homes without decent speeds.

        I know the UK government is keen to sort this out but we’re missing the milestones they set out already and it’s early days still. Meh.

      • I’m glad Jim Ryan has identified Europe as a poor broadband region, granted a good percentage have great 20Mbits or faster but I’d go as far asto say the majority of us don’t have access to it. Rural England is bad, most of us know this, and remote bits all across the continent have no choice but to make the best of ISDN speeds same as us living on old roads or in the sticks.

      • I get 0.5mb at best. The most frustrating thing is that homes 40metres away from me get up to 50mb! Grrrrr…

      • Yeah I’m at 2MB/s on average too. Downloading games has been such a gripe in my life. The recent PS+ AC3 took me 3 days to download on and off (since if I’m downloading it rules out doing anything else like Netflix, online gaming etc). It’s sad because when I was at uni I had 30MB/s which felt ultra-fast for me.

    • 120mbps if you are in a virgin cable area, otherwise you are likely to be fortunate with 8mbps over BT copper.

      I have Virgin 120mb cable btw :P

  5. I want to know more about pricing and what content will be available, although I doubt my internet will be able to handle it sadly.

    • Same. My main question would be if there is any pricing benefit if you already own the disc?

      • I would definitely hope so, I really don’t want to have to buy games twice. If you did, I’d more than likely just lug my PS3 with me until I’ve totally finished everything the gen has to offer.

  6. 15MB/Sec in a rural area.

  7. So maybe 2015 for Europe then. Or 2016.

  8. streaming PS3 content to a PS3?

    what magic is this?

    everybody kind of guessed it would be about streaming PS3 content, but what content?

    will we be able to stream games we’ve bought off the store?
    just Plus titles?

    what will it cost?

    and there’s a lot of the US with poor broadband speeds as well, but of course they’re the most important market.
    so of course, despite playstations usually selling more in Europe than the US, they’ll always favour them.

    still at least the console is releasing only two weeks after the US this time, rather five months, or however long it took, just long enough to redesign the hardware to remove components and pull that green screen crap again.

    where was i?

    oh yeah, still need more details about the service, but it has potential.

  9. So 2020 for the Nordic countries even though we have some of the fastest average speed per citizen in the world. Seems like Sony will continue their ridiculous segregation of Europe for the next generation of consoles as well.

  10. Gaikai for PS4, PS3 and Vita, allowing cross play of any Playstation tites from any of the above on any of the above. Nice.

    Of course the platform would also allow PC gaming too, if that’s what Sony want to do (as Gaikai is PC heritage). Sony’s acquisition was a master stroke, Playstation 4 owners are never going to be short of content, it’s going to be mental how much content Gaikai will bring to the party.

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