This Month’s Free Xbox Live Gold Games Are Rainbow Six Vegas And Magic 2013

Yes, you read that right. While PlayStation Plus offers up last year’s Assassin’s Creed III, Jak & Daxter HD trilogy, the recently released Stealth Inc., as well as Urban Trial Freestyle and New Little King’s Story for Vita, Microsoft are offering the near seven year old Rainbow Six Vegas and last year’s Magic game.

They’re free, yes, but you can’t help but be confused at Microsoft’s poor attempts at offering games month on month, while Sony give several big titles for free. The difference is quite astounding.

Magic 2013 (originally $9.99) will be available from the 1st to the 15th of September, while Vegas ($19.99) will become available after that, leaving the service on the 30th.

I’m honestly surprised that it’s not even the second title in the Rainbow Six Vegas series – who is going to download this seven year old title?

Source: Xbox Wire


  1. And I complain PS+’s games are old!
    Although I love R6 so I’ll keep my mouth shut on this one!

  2. I usually let these articles slide, but, bwahahahaha!! Well done micro turd!

  3. I won’t be downloading this but its more because I don’t have space on my 4 gig Xbox! It is a little disappointing to be R6. Although it is free it is lining itself up to be ridiculed. Reminds me a bit of Home. Gets slagged off left, right and centre but is free.

  4. On the positive side at least xbox-livers are getting something for free where they used to get nowt, but yeah, PS+ does make it look like a weak offering.

  5. I recently got this 2nd hand for £4 at CEX and was pleasantly surprised the online servers were still up.

    They’ll be offering launch titles soon, least we don’t have the worry of buying a new release and it being free 6 months later!

  6. Microsoft offering up a sub par service for top dollar, nothing to see here, usual service…

    • Live is far from a sub par service. Have you even used it before?

      • Yes, Ive used it. Have you?

        Because it is a sub par service.

        All it is, is a price gateway to things that are free on other systems.

        What exactly are you paying $60 dollars a year for, buddy? Tell me.

      • I’ve used live and psn for years and genuinely find live much faster and more stable. My xbox downloads twice as fast as my ps3 always has. Just my experience.

      • My mate (who I meet with every week for a chilled drink and some tasty food) nearly always gets the multi-plat multiplayer games on the 360 (same as his mates) as they’ve all experienced a far worse service on their PS3s. It’s something that Sony has been honest about recently. They don’t want to go into details but they know their network isn’t up to par.

        God knows how utterly awful the PS3 GTA IV online experience was for a good ten of us or so from TSA. Equally, and interestingly, I rented my first video with the PSN last week. We had to buffer the damn thing five times and I’d already downloaded 10% of it. My connection? Wired 80Mbit download and a lovely 15Mbit upload.

        Awful service. However, I do love me some Sony and don’t play multiplayer much so it really doesn’t piss me off. I am, conversely, under no illusion as to the robustness of gaming online with friends with Live. Something I hope Sony address in the next few months with the PS4.

      • used both no different imo.

      • PSN online is no different gameplay wise. If games play smoother on XBL it’s because they’re made on the Xbox then ported to PS3. GT5 and UC3 were all smooth and on par with COD online on XBL.

  7. More xbox bashing on this site. Standard

    • Xbox bashing or pointing out the blindingly obvious? Nevermind the fact you are on a clearly PS biased website…? Lol

    • Yep. And if you dare to have a different opinion prepare to be called a fanboy.

      • Alternatively, if you dare to point out something less than stellar be prepared to be accused of “bashing poor defenseless Microsoft and the XBox”

      • Proved my point.

      • And mine. Funny that …

      • You commenting proved my point, me saying you proved my point was just to acknowledge that you proved my point, whether or not I proved your point by you proving my point, is yet to ne proven!

      • starman is getting on my nerves with his xbox victim act.

      • Was only joking! Jeeeeezzz.

    • I wasn’t bashing, at all, just pointing out that PlayStation Plus offers much better value. I think it’s good that Microsoft are offering this, since Xbox Live is already so reliable in comparison to PSN, but one seven year old game and one old downloadable title can’t compare with two relatively new games, an HD trilogy and two more Vita games!

      And I wouldn’t say we’re “biased”; we just point out if things are bad, whether they’re coming out of Sony’s or Microsoft’s camp. I’d happily get the news out if I think it’s worth posting. The only reason we do this, after all, is for you lot!

      • Wasn’t referencing the article itself, just some of the more extreme posters. I totally agree the offerings so far have been unimpressive.

      • I know you weren’t, it was just a general comment mostly replying to Embo :)

  8. Get ready for Pong next month.

  9. PS+ was crap for a long time, comparing a mature service to a brand new one isn’t a great comparison.

    I like the fact that Xbox Live Gold Games are yours to keep, whereas PS+ is kind of a rental service.

    I love PS+, it’s truly fantastic but you could say there’s too many games thrown at you.

    I hope Xbox games improve, but the fact the games are given away rather than subscription publishers might not be so keen

    • I’m sure PS+ started out with Little Big Planet 2, inFamous 2, Saints Row 2, Just Cause 2 among others.

      Much more stellar line up at its beginning than what this service has. Still, fair play to Microsoft for knowing how good PS+ is and offering something similar – no matter how inferior.

      • That was when they launched the instant games collection. It was much worse before that.

      • It was never this bad. Ever. You weren’t just restricted to two games either, you got ps1 classics, minis, free DLC as well as two PS3 games.

        Never, ever has Plus been this bad. Sure, MS wll probably improve Games for Gold or whatever it is, but it’s gonna take a long time – and nobody even knows if it’s just for the 360, I heavily doubt they will do games for gold on the Xbox One.

    • PS+ was never as this bad. XBL are giving gold users some lame old games that hardly anyone plays or even wants. It’s not even worth turning on my Xbox to add these to my account as I won’t ever play these rubbish games.

  10. Rainbow Six Vegas… Really. Are you taking the sh*t, MS?

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